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Septic vs. City Sewer: What’s the Difference?

Septic vs. City Sewer: What’s the Difference?Water systems are often pre-determined, leaving homeowners with no choice. However, many cities and towns across the state have been installing sewer lines to extend a public sewer system to residents. This is a good time to convert a septic system to public sewer systems. Make sure you are familiar with both the pros and cons of each option. Custom Septic can help you make the right decision and convert your Minnesota home from a septic to sewer system.

System design: Your septic system functions completely independently. It filters and treats waste in the tank and drain field, then the process repeats itself. All maintenance and repair work are also done on your property, whereas the local municipality controls sewer systems.

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Septic System Inspection Experts in MN

Septic System Inspection Experts in MNWhen looking into purchasing a new home, most potential buyers are focused on the colors, square footage, size of the yard, upgrades, the neighborhood, etc. One critical aspect of the property that needs to be evaluated before committing to a home that has a septic system is the system itself. You likely want to avoid purchasing a home that has a poorly performing septic system. So, how are you able to tell if the septic system is in good shape or not? Well, that is where our team at Custom Septic comes into the scenario. We are the septic system inspection experts in Big Lake, MN and the surrounding area that you can count on to ensure that the septic system is in good working order.

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Septic System Inspections

Septic System InspectionsThe importance of a septic system inspection cannot be overstated. From the city’s perspective, septic system inspections go a long way toward guaranteeing that individual homes that have septic systems remain in good working order, preventing local environmental problems caused by leakages and septic system failure. Seeing things from the community’s perspective is obviously a good thing but seeing it from your own perspective—the perspective of a homeowner—may be what is necessary to cause people to jump into action

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Septic Leach Field Inspector

Septic Leach Field InspectorDo you currently live in a home where a septic system exists? Are you considering the purchase of a home that has a septic system? Whatever the case may be, it is important that you partner with an experienced and trusted septic company to handle the inspection process. At Custom Septic, we specialize as a septic leach field inspector and are eager to get to work for you!

For those that haven’t spent much time around septic systems, they may not be familiar with what a septic leach field actually is. A septic leach field, also called a septic drain field, is a wastewater disposal facility found

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How Do I Find My Septic System?

How Do I Find My Septic System?Some properties in MN have septic systems on their property. If you have recently just purchased a new home that has a septic system, and you are trying to find where it is on your property, our team at Custom Septic is here to help you with this search. Not knowing where your septic system is on the property can turn into a big problem down the road, so your goal in the near future should be finding the septic system on your property. Custom Septic has some tips to help you find your septic system. You may also consider having us do a septic inspection for you as well. We are only a phone call away – 763-218-4769.

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Planting Over Septic Tanks Medina MN

Planting Over Septic System For some Medina MN residents the first thought about What to Plant Over a Septic Field is to go for something that smells good. While this concept sounds good, there are some simple Guidelines for Planing Near a Drainfield and Septic Tank....