Low Interest Financing For Septic System Installation Or Repairs

At CSI, we know installing or repairing your septic system can be an investment. However, there are a few low interest financing options for homeowners who are eligible.

Rural Repair & Rehabilitation Loans and Grants

The Very Low-Income Housing Repair Program provides homeowners with loans and grants so that they can repair, restore or improve their property or afford to remove health and safety hazards.

The requirements for obtaining a loan Very Low-Income Financing:

  • Denied or Unable to Receive Credit Anywhere Else
  • In Need of Repairs or Replacements for Safety or Health Reasons
  • Salary Must be Below 50% of the Areas Income Median
  • Grants are only permitted if a Homeowner is 62 years old and Unable to Repay the Loan

For more information on low interest financing, visit the USDA website here.

Minnesota Housing Septic System Upgrade Loans

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency has two different loan programs for assistance with Septic System Upgrades. Each program has different eligibility requirements and features. The Rehabilitation Loan Program has strict income limits, while the Fix Up Program allows for higher income levels. Find out if your septic system repairs or replacement qualify under one of these programs by following links provided for each loan program.

For more information on the Rehabilitation Loan/Emergency and Accessibility Loan Program, visit the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency website here.

For more information on the Fix Up Program for secured or unsecured loans, visit the Minnesota Housing Agency website here.

Flexible Payment Options

Custom Septic Inc. is dedicated to keeping Minnesota, its population and environment safe. Contact us directly to learn more about our approved payment options, we want to be sure you, your family and your office is safe and will do what we can to help you. Fill out our Online Request Form or call us to further discuss the matter at (763) 218-4769.