How Do I Find My Septic System?Some properties in MN have septic systems on their property. If you have recently just purchased a new home that has a septic system, and you are trying to find where it is on your property, our team at Custom Septic is here to help you with this search. Not knowing where your septic system is on the property can turn into a big problem down the road, so your goal in the near future should be finding the septic system on your property. Custom Septic has some tips to help you find your septic system. You may also consider having us do a septic inspection for you as well. We are only a phone call away – 763-218-4769.

Sewer Line Exits the Basement Wall

If your home has a basement, you want to look to see where the sewer line exits the basement wall. Your septic system will likely be right outside that location, approximately 10 or so feet away from your house.

Look for the Roof Vent

For those homes in MN without a basement, look for the roof vent on your home. This vent is typically right in line and on top of the sewer location. So, your septic system should be in line with this vent about 10 feet away from the home.

Extra Green Grass In Your Yard

Other signs that you can look for when trying to find the septic system on your property is looking at the grass on your property. Oftentimes, there may be extra green grass, wetness or even dead grass.

Check The City Or County Records

Another easy way to find your septic system is to look back at the property records for your home. Most of these records provide a diagram, including dimensions, that will give you a picture of where your septic system is on the property.

Expert Septic Inspection

If you’re struggling to find your septic system, or if you’d prefer to have the experts find the system for you, all you need to do is reach out to our experienced crew at Custom Septic. We can identify, inspect, repair and pump out your septic system at an affordable price. Put your trust in our staff that has been providing septic system services since 1996.

Knowing where your septic system is located on your property is something that you should take seriously. Regular maintenance and septic pumping will help ensure that you maximize the life expectancy of your septic system. At Custom Septic, we encourage you to use these tips to find the septic system on your property. If you need assistance finding the septic system on your MN property, or you’d like to learn more about our septic system services, give Custom Septic a call today at (763) 218-4769 or email