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Benefits Of A Septic System

Benefits Of A Septic SystemThere are some real advantages to not being on your city’s municipal water treatment system. Most city water systems tend to work fine, but there are times when accidents or planned upgrades and construction disrupt your home’s access to water. It is not unheard of for communities to experience boil water notices on occasion either, and they are usually due to bacterial or fungal outbreaks. Homes that have septic systems do not have to worry about these kinds of things. Septic systems, by definition, are separate from city systems, so there is less worry about the kind

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Septic System Inspection Services Around Big Lake, MN

Septic System Inspection Services Around Big Lake, MNThere are several reasons that your property may need a septic system inspection. Two of the most common reasons an inspection is required is because a property is being sold, or a construction project is beginning, and a permit is needed. In both of these cases, you are required by the local government to complete an inspection of your septic system by a State Certified Septic System Inspector. If you are purchasing a home with a septic system, it is always wise to get an inspection before you close on your new home. Without this inspection, you can be on the hook for major repairs should there…

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Ensuring Your Septic System Doesn’t Fail

Ensuring Your Septic System Doesn’t FailAs a homeowner, the last thing that you want to happen on your Minnesota property is for your septic system to fail. A failed septic system can cause the groundwater to become contaminated, and it can put the health of you and your family at risk. At Custom Septic, we have the knowledge and experience to identify the potential failure signs of a septic system early on, so that you never get into the situation where your septic system fails. Partner with our dedicated septic system experts so that you can ensure that your septic system does not fail in the future.

When it comes to experience with septic systems, it is hard to beat the expertise that our staff brings to the table. Our owner, Brad Krotzer, has been working on septic systems

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Trusted Septic Professionals in Big Lake, MN

Trusted Septic Professionals in Big Lake, MNWhen most homeowners buy a home that has a septic system, they have no idea about how to properly maintain this part of the property. What can you flush into the septic system? How often should it be cleaned? How do I know if the existing septic system is in working order? These are all common questions that our trusted septic professionals at Custom Septic can answer for you. As a family-owned business, we treat all of our clients just like they are part of the family. Count on our team to handle your septic needs for your property in Big Lake, MN.

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Avoiding Costly Septic System Repairs

Avoiding Costly Septic System RepairsYour septic system is not something that you want to have to spend lots of money replacing or repairing. We can all admit that throwing money into repairing or replacing your septic system is not a home improvement project that excites us. The good news is that our team at Custom Septic can help our clients avoid the costly septic system repairs. Through proper septic system maintenance, the costly repairs can be avoided.

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Licensed Septic System Inspector

Licensed Septic System InspectorWhenever a septic system inspection is needed, experience and trustworthiness is critical when choosing the right team to handle this job. The state of Minnesota requires that all septic system inspections be completed by a state certified septic system inspector. By choosing to work with our trusted team at Custom Septic, you can be confident that the septic inspection will be handled exceptionally well from start to finish.

Why should you get your septic system inspected, you may be wondering? Well, there are certain situations where a septic system inspection is required

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