Septic vs. City Sewer: What’s the Difference?Water systems are often pre-determined, leaving homeowners with no choice. However, many cities and towns across the state have been installing sewer lines to extend a public sewer system to residents. This is a good time to convert a septic system to public sewer systems. Make sure you are familiar with both the pros and cons of each option. Custom Septic can help you make the right decision and convert your Minnesota home from a septic to sewer system.

System design: Your septic system functions completely independently. It filters and treats waste in the tank and drain field, then the process repeats itself. All maintenance and repair work are also done on your property, whereas the local municipality controls sewer systems. Sewers are shared among your home and other houses in the community. Only one sewer line connects to the larger system in your street. In a sewer, the main line is the only part of the system that is located on your property.

Maintenance requirements: All care for your septic system is your responsibility (and that of your trusted plumbing team). Maintaining a healthy environment for bacteria, preventing clogs, and getting the tank pumped out at least once every three to five years is a must. You are also responsible for any maintenance costs. Sewer systems are, however, less complicated to maintain as most of the work is done by the local government. Fees associated with maintenance are covered under city/county taxes. Only the homeowner is responsible for the costs and maintenance of the sewer line that runs from the street to the home (clogs or leakage, etc.).

Commonalities Between The Two Systems: The rules for drain care do not differ based on the system that you use. You should be cautious not to pour anything down your drain, as it could clog your sewer or septic line. Many “flushable wipes” will state on their labels that they are safe for sewer and septic systems. Flushable wipes are often the cause of clogs in sewers and septic systems.

Sewer And Septic Installation And Maintenance

Custom Septic is available to assist homeowners in northern Minneapolis who are interested in converting from a sewer system to a septic tank or switching from city water to well water. Our certified septic system contractors can help you make a seamless transition from city sewer to water line. They will also provide unparalleled service. Call us at (763) 218-4769, or email to find out how you can easily convert to city water and sewer lines.