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Do I Have A Septic System Problem?

Do I Have A Septic System Problem?There is no good time for you to experience a problem with your septic system, but if there is a worst time, it would have to be during the holidays or any other time when you expect to have people over to visit and celebrate. Like many things in life, such as our personal health, problems can sneak up on us and form gradually. That is true of septic system problems too. Custom Septic can help you avoid septic system problems by reminding you of the signs of an impending problem. We have, as they say, a nose for these things. Give us a call today to schedule a time for us to come to your home and check your septic system out. Catching issues before they become obvious is a way better ending.

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How To Handle Septic System Emergencies

How To Handle Septic System EmergenciesNobody wants to think about it but knowing what to do in a septic emergency can mean the difference between needing a septic repair and a septic replacement. Repairs are always less expensive than replacing your whole system. Keep reading to discover the signs that your system is in distress and learn what you should do when an unfortunate disaster strikes. What are some signs of a septic emergency? Call Custom Septic to avoid these emergencies!
Flooded Septic System Drain Field
Because most septic components are buried underground, they tend to be out of sight and out of mind

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Signs Never To Ignore With Your Septic System

Signs Never To Ignore With Your Septic SystemMost people whose homes have septic systems are familiar with the signs that can lead to septic system failure. But even for those who know what to look for, reminders can be very helpful. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the signs that a problem could be developing with your septic system.

Standing water or spongy soil on your property. If you notice water puddling in your yard for reasons other than heavy rainfall, or if your yard has areas of wetness when it has not rained, you could have a leak in your septic system

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Septic Failure in MN

Septic Failure in MNAt Custom Septic, we have seen it all. We have seen everything from the unbelievably clean septic system to the nastiest, smelliest septic failure that has flooded the yard and beyond. Through our experience, training and expertise, we have specialized knowledge when it comes to septic failures. Septic systems don’t all of a sudden erupt one day like a volcano laying dormant for years. There are many different factors leading to a failed system. At Custom Septic, we want all of our customers to be educated on septic failure signs. Interested in learning what to look for? Knowing when to call our experts can save you both money and a whole lot of clean up time. And trust us…septic sytem clean-up is not for the faint of heart.

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Prevent Septic System Problems

prevent-septic-system-problemsWhen you buy a home, you may have the option of selecting paint color, landscaping, appliances and other things that are visible to you each and every day. But there are many aspects of a home that you do not see. One of those is your septic system. You may not even think about your septic system at all when you purchase your home. In fact, when a septic system is noticed, it is usually accompanied by an unmistakable odor. Septic systems that are installed and/or maintained by Custom Septic, Inc., generally go unnoticed, and that is a good thing. That is because we are experts in the field of septic system installation, maintenance, design, and repair. Our reputation is built on doing good work, providing excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

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Experienced Septic System Repair Professionals in Minnesota

Experienced Septic System Repair Professionals in MinnesotaThere are many advantages to having a septic system instead of being on your city’s sewage system, but no system is perfect. All systems, in fact, that rely on mechanical components to work as designed can fail due to anything from metal failure, poor design and/or installation or even just an accident of nature. If your septic system needs to be repaired, the licensed professionals at Custom Septic are the company to do the job for you. No matter what your issue is we have seen it and know exactly what it will take to rectify the issue.

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