Septic System Maintenance Minnesota

Septic System Maintenance ServicesA properly functioning septic system on your Minnesota property will provide you with a natural way to safely and effectively treat effluent, also known as sewage or wastewater. Doing so will allow it to recirculate as a safe and clean water resource for the future. Having an onsite sewage treatment system requires maintenance; appropriately maintaining your septic system will actually lower the costs and prevent expensive damages needing repair and possible water contamination. Custom Septic Inc. offers cost effective septic system maintenance services, including tank cleaning and pumping services, to Minnesota property owners so that your septic system can last for decades to come.

Professional Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

To make sure your septic system stays in working condition it must be cleared of all the muck, residue and the layer of filth that builds up over time. A septic system needs to be pumped and cleaned between every 2-3 years. The time-frame mostly depends on the amount of waste and water usage on the property and the size of the septic tank.

What Happens If A Septic Is Not Pumped?

Neglecting to pump your septic tank at an appropriate time can be a very costly, unsanitary and will radically decrease your entire septic systems performance life. There are a variety of issues that can occur in direct relation to not pumping the septic system:

  • Your Tank will Fail to Effectively Separate Solid from Liquid
  • Solids will Pass through to the Drain Field
  • The Drain Field will get Clogs and Stop Working Entirely
  • Could Lead to A Septic Backup

Proper Septic Maintenance

If you are looking for someone that can assist you in lengthening the life of your current septic tank Custom Septic Inc. is your best choice. We have had a lifetime of working with and maintaining septic tanks and systems. We are more than happy to come out to your home and give you projected service dates. We can even schedule them all at once, so you can have one less responsibility to worry about. The maintenance depends on your household and septic size, there is not one generic answer.

Cost Effective Septic Services Minnesota

Being ahead of the needs of your septic system is proven to be cost effective and will undoubtedly save you a lot of money. When you have us come out to your property we’ll share general things to keep aware of, so that you too can keep septic maintenance costs down. There are many ways each member of your household or office can help decrease the frequency of issues and extend the septic systems performance life.

Everyday Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System:

  • Only two solid things should be going down the septic drains: Organic Human Waste and Toilet Paper. Anything else will be harmful to its function!
  • Be aware of your Water Usage and keep it as low as possible.
  • Septic Additives and System Cleaners have not been proven to be effective but have proven to do more harm than good.
  • Avoid dumping any type of Chemicals down the drain, this Disrupts the Organic Process of your System. When Cleaning toilets, sinks, showers and other possible draining systems be sure to not use Excess Chemicals, only use what is needed, too much has proven to be Harmful to the System.
  • As a rule, Large amounts of Water Drainage can be Hard on a Septic System. If at all possible Drain in Intervals or Safely in your Yard Away from the Septic Tank and Drainfield.
  • Garbage Disposals are Horrible for Septic Systems, it may be a lot more cost effective to not have one.
  • Install Water Saving Features everywhere available.
  • An Annual Inspection should be performed by a Professional.

Your septic systems may be out of sight but it’s best if everyone keeps it in the back of their mind. If you have questions, concerns or need a professional to come out and access your septic system maintenance call Custom Septic Inc. today at 763-218-4769 for Big Lake, MN, (763) 218-4769 for Menahaga, MN or fill out our Online Request Form and someone will contact you shortly.