Planting Over Septic System

Planting Over Septic Drain Field Medina MNFor some Medina MN residents the first thought about What to Plant Over a Septic Field is to go for something that smells good. While this concept sounds good, there are some simple Guidelines for Planing Near a Drainfield and Septic Tank. For example, plants with a deep root system or that require frequent watering or maintenance are not good choices. Keep away from edibles such as vegetables since the soil can be Contaminated with Viruses or Bacteria. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Certified Septic System Design Expert that works hard to make sure your sewer system is designed to work properly. If you make careful choices when deciding what and where to plant flowers by a sewer line, you are more likely to have a Long Lasting Septic System.


Why Plant on Your Septic Field?

While it is true that some Plants, Trees and Shrubs can be harmful to septic system operations, there are Benefits of Planting On Top Of Drainage Fields.


  1. Plants help to remove excess moisture from the soil. This allows for better absorption of wastewater from the septic tank.


  1. Proper plant cover helps to prevent soil erosion. Elevated mound systems and sloped leach fields are susceptible to erosion and compaction.


  1. Plant roots can assist with removal of excess nutrients, making the purification process work more efficiently.


  1. Colorful plantings can disguise unsightly septic components including manhole covers and electric boxes.


  1. Septic drainfields are sometimes located in a very visible area of the yard where homeowners prefer to have nice landscaping.


  1. Home values can be increased when the yard is nicely landscaped throughout the property.


Guidelines for Planting Near Septic Drain Field

Roots: As a general rule, when it comes to choosing plants to go above the septic drainfield, look for plants with a shallow root system. Roots that grow down too deep can damage the drainage field by clogging up sewer lines. Keep trees a far distance away from the drain field to protect the underground, perforated pipes from becoming clogged up with tree roots.


Water: In order to avoid oversaturation of the soil, pick out plants that do not require much watering. Low maintenance, drought tolerant plants can look beautiful and be beneficial to the health of the septic system.


Grass: Native turf grasses are a natural choice for ground cover above septic drainfields. A nice, dense, yet shallow root system helps to keep soil from eroding. It can also provide insulation for the septic system below ground.


Nutrients: Soil in your drainfield can have a unique composition due to septic tank discharge. Have the soil tested before you begin landscape planting. You may find that the ground is highly alkaline and high in salt content.


Vegetables: Just to be safe, it is best to avoid eating anything grown in soil above the drainage field. Plant your vegetable garden in another location where it won’t be contaminated by sewage bacteria.


Gloves: Always wear gardening gloves when handling soil over the drain field in order to protect you from viruses, bacteria or other harmful organisms.


Digging: Do not use a garden tiller or dig down too deep when working in areas where sewer lines are buried beneath the surface. Pipes can be just 6 inches below ground.


Flowers: Flowering perennials can make an excellent choice for planting above your septic system. Medina MN homeowners may want to look for any of the following native, perennial flowers: Black Eyed Susan, Wild Geraniums, Violets, Peonies, Pale Purple Coneflower, Daylilies, Goldenrod, Allium or Butterflyweed.


MN Septic System Design Experts

As a Septic System Design Expert, CSI Custom Septic Inc. Designs and Installs septic systems for new and replacement sewer systems. With regular care and maintenance, including proper landscaping techniques above the septic tank and drainfield, your septic system could function efficiently for decades.

In Medina MN, call CSI Custom Septic Inc. at 763-218-4769 for Professional Septic System Designing and Installations.