Septic System InspectionsThe importance of a septic system inspection cannot be overstated. From the city’s perspective, septic system inspections go a long way toward guaranteeing that individual homes that have septic systems remain in good working order, preventing local environmental problems caused by leakages and septic system failure. Seeing things from the community’s perspective is obviously a good thing but seeing it from your own perspective—the perspective of a homeowner—may be what is necessary to cause people to jump into action.

Faced with the possibility of a failed water-quality test, or the potential failure of the home’s septic system, a homeowner is more likely to take the necessary steps to avoid being fined by the municipal authority, and to avoid having a soggy lawn full of overflowing sewage.

Importance of Regular Professional Septic System Inspections

Being vigilant about your septic system will almost always help you prevent the worst that can happen with a septic system failure. Custom Septic, Inc., has the knowledge and experience to perform septic system inspections that give you peace of mind. We not only understand the complex regulations, guidelines, and laws of the state of Minnesota as they relate to septic systems, we understand septic systems themselves. The regulations, guidelines, and laws provide you with the knowledge of how to remain in compliance, and homeowners can certainly make themselves knowledgeable in this area.

Septic System Maintenance and Repair Company in MN

Our inspection process is thorough and, again, is based on our knowledge, experience and ability to see problems as they develop. We can determine a lot about the health and functionality of your septic system simply by walking around your property and looking…and smelling. If we see greater growth of grass near your septic tank, it could be an indication of a leak.

Similarly, if there are patches or more extensive areas of soggy ground that is not caused by subpar roof drainage, it could be an indication of a leak in your septic system. If those areas of sogginess are accompanied by the telltale smell of sewage, there is almost certainly a problem somewhere. A homeowner is not likely to be able to find the source of that leak, but the team at Custom Septic will. It is in every homeowner’s best interest to have regular inspections done on their septic systems, and we would be happy to help you. Call us at 763-218-4769 to schedule a time that is convenient for you.