expert-septic-maintenance-services-in-mnIf you own a property in MN with a septic system, ensuring that you properly maintain your system will save you lots of money down the road. Septic system repairs or replacement can be very costly. The best way to avoid these costly expenses down the road is to commit to expert septic maintenance services from our dedicated team at Custom Septic.

Depending on the amount of use, your septic system should be pumped and cleaned every two to three years. If you fail to get your septic system pumped every few years, costly damage can occur. During the pump and clean, our septic professionals will clear out all of the muck, residue and layer of filth that may have developed. The performance of your septic system will quickly digress if proper pumping and cleaning services don’t occur. Over time, you’ll find that your septic system begins to have trouble separating solid from liquid and solids may even begin to pass through to the drain field as well. Other issues that you may run into include a clogged drain field or a septic backup. The simple way to avoid these potential issues with your septic system is to partner with our committed team and let us provide you with your septic pumping and cleaning needs every two to three years.

Septic Maintenance Options

In addition to regularly pumping and cleaning your septic system, there are some additional home maintenance options that you can do on your own. First and foremost, the only thing that should be entering your septic drains are human waste and toilet paper. Limiting your water usage is always a good way to keep your septic system in good working order. Other home septic maintenance options you can consider include the following:

● Limit Cleaning Chemicals – The less chemicals you send down your septic system, the better!
● Don’t Invest in A Garbage Disposal – Although they are convenient, garbage disposals are very bad for septic systems, so don’t invest in one.
● Install Water Saving Features – The less your septic system has to work, the better shape it will be in.
● Many More!

Although your septic system may be out of sight and out of mind, this is one part of your property that you can’t forget about. The best way to ensure that your MN septic system remains in good shape is to let our team at Custom Septic perform our expert septic maintenance services for you every few years. To schedule an appointment with our crew, give us a call today at (763) 218-4769 or email