Septic System Inspections in MinnesotaIf you are looking for a high-quality septic system inspection in Minnesota, look no further than your expert professionals here at Custom Septic. Whether you just want to feel better about a property you plan to purchase, or you are in need of an actual Certification of Compliance, Custom Septic can help you. We offer affordable septic system inspections that can aid in your decision-making process or give you peace of mind in what you currently have.

Most realtors will tell you that getting a septic system inspection is an absolute must. While it’s not currently required by law in Minnesota, knowing any foreseeable problems with your septic can be a big game changer in the sale of a home. Septic system inspections offer so much knowledge about your property. It can approximate how long your septic system might last, it can provide you with information on things that don’t seem right or may be close to needing repairs, iit can assess the quality of maintenance it’s had in years past and most importantly, it can assure you that your septic system is working safely and in compliance with all septic rules and regulations.

Licensed And Certified Septic System Inspector

At Custom Septic, we are fully licensed and certified to perform Septic System Inspections. We will complete the required forms that are required to be used and submitted within 15 days after the inspection. We will also send you a Certificate of Compliance stating that your property is performing within its standard and is currently safe. That certification is good for three years. On the contrary, if your septic system inspection fails, we will provide you with a notice of non-compliance, depending on the reason. In the non-compliance notice, we will also include a timeframe for the repair and what is actually needed for the upgrade or replacement services.

Septic Inspections Quickly

Making an informed decision on your property can be both time and cost saving. Septic systems can be a large factor in both buying and selling of homes. Don’t be left with a nasty, costly surprise. Ensuring that your septic system is working properly will give you peace of mind and clarity on any issues that may be happening. For more information about our septic system inspection services in Minnesota, give us a call today. Contact Custom Septic today at (763) 218-4769 and schedule your septic system inspection now.