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Should Supplemental Ingredients Be Added To My Septic System?

Should Supplemental Ingredients Be Added To My Septic SystemMarketers, flashy graphics, and commercials can mislead you into believing certain products are necessary – even septic additives. RID-X claims its product will extend the life of your tank by helping ensure regular maintenance, inspection, and cleaning will keep your septic tank functioning optimally for years to come. But what exactly are these products, and do they work? Is spending money on them a waste? To find out the truth behind this claim we’ll examine some of the finer details behind this claim.

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Avoid Falling Prey To These Septic System Fails

Avoid Falling Prey To These Septic System FailsAs the trend of relocating to urban centers continues to reverse across the country, thousands moving to smaller towns and rural areas face a steep learning curve when it comes to their septic system. For those unable to get ahead of the curve or who are experiencing an unfortunate series of events regarding the septic system, you are not alone. Several worst-case scenarios are being documented across the internet. When you find yourself in a home with a septic system, keeping a close watch and ensuring regular maintenance will help you avoid this fate. For most septic system novices, just the thought of it may seem gross at first. However, septic systems have come a long way over the years and the most advanced systems will help avoid scenarios that are less than desirable for homeowners

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Will My Septic System Freeze

Will My Septic System FreezeBy choosing to live in a cold state like MN, there are some extra precautions that homeowners need to take to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t negatively impact their home. For those MN homeowners on a septic system, our team at Custom Septic often gets asked the question, will my septic system freeze? The good news is that most of the time the answer is no, but there are definitely some things to keep in mind during the cold months each year.

The good news for MN homeowners that have a septic system is that water is able to hold a large amount of heat. As long as the water is used daily, it is very rare for a septic system to freeze. Even in the coldest temperatures that we experience during the winter months

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Septic Drain Field Operation

Conventional Septic System Design Homes, cabins and business that are not served by a public sewer system usually depend on an Individual Septic System to safely dispose of wastewater. There are several different types of septic systems currently being used in an...