Prevent Drinking Water Contamination

Prevent Water Contamination with Septic SystemWater Quality is a major concern for individuals living, working or playing in a state that has more than 10,000 Lakes. This statistic doesn’t even include the many rivers, creeks and streams that flow throughout the state of Minnesota. A Properly Working Septic System can help to Protect Surface Water and Ground Water and Prevent Drinking Water Contamination. Unkept Septic Tanks and poor functioning Drainfields can contribute to high levels of Nitrates and Ammonia in the region’s soil and water. As a MPCA Certified Septic Contractor located in the Becker MN MN areas, Brad Krotzer at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides professional services designed to Reduce Water and Soil Pollution.


On Site Septic Systems Treat Human Waste

Human Waste Materials contain high levels of Nitrogen that can be organically removed by your On-Site Septic System. Different types of sewage systems collect and decontaminate wastewater and sewage differently. Soil plays a major role in removing excess amounts of Ammonium, Ammonia and Nitrates before the treated water is able to flow back into the groundwater or end up in water wells, lakes, rivers and streams.

The amount and concentration of nitrogen can vary quite a bit depending on variables like the use of low-flow fixtures, use of garbage disposals and cleaning products in the home. Nitrogen found inside of a residential septic system typically comes from

  • Human Urine
  • Human Feces
  • Food Scraps from garbage disposals
  • Chemicals found in most cleaning products


Septic System Design and Installation

Proper Septic System Design is a crucial and integral part of Protecting Minnesota Water. An experienced septic system designer is capable of evaluating the soil and site conditions of an individual property and then designing an On-Site Sewage System that removes harmful materials from human waste.

The amount of Nitrates, Pathogens and Ammonium that is removed from wastewater and sewage depends largely on the exact soil conditions. Various Conventional and Alternative Septic Systems can be constructed and installed by a MPCA Certified Septic Designer / Installer from CSI Custom Septic, Inc.


MPCA Certified Septic Contractor

Let’s all work together to preserve and protect Minnesota Water from becoming Contaminated and Unsafe for Drinking. It doesn’t have to take much money, time or effort to Reduce Water and Soil Pollution. Call a trusted, MPCA Certified Septic Contractor to Design and Install an On Site Septic System that is easy to maintain for decades of organic sewage treatment for Improved Water Quality.

In Big Lake and Becker, MN, Contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Professional Septic Design and Installation at 763-218-4769