Avoid Falling Prey To These Septic System FailsAs the trend of relocating to urban centers continues to reverse across the country, thousands moving to smaller towns and rural areas face a steep learning curve when it comes to their septic system. For those unable to get ahead of the curve or who are experiencing an unfortunate series of events regarding the septic system, you are not alone. Several worst-case scenarios are being documented across the internet. When you find yourself in a home with a septic system, keeping a close watch and ensuring regular maintenance will help you avoid this fate.

Tried and True Maintenance Can’t Be Beat

For most septic system novices, just the thought of it may seem gross at first. However, septic systems have come a long way over the years and the most advanced systems will help avoid scenarios that are less than desirable for homeowners. For example, one story out of a small town in the Midwest features a couple who had fallen prey to the myth that using special septic products could handle the maintenance of their system. After proudly proclaiming that they had not had their septic tank pumped in decades, the local maintenance company demonstrated how their service tech could actually stand on the sludge in the tank.

Sludge is the term used for solids that collect at the bottom of the tank, btw (again, for the novices). Being able to stand on a layer of hardened human waste should never be something possible in a septic tank. Needless to say, a simple pump was not an option.

Septic Systems And Garbage Disposals

Septic systems and garbage disposals do not always go well together. When families overdo it with food waste down the kitchen sink, which ends up in the septic system, they can often fill up the tank much quicker than they realize and encounter other costly issues. It is important for homeowners to remember that down the sink does not equal down the street. Instead, everything that goes in the plumbing stays on the property. These unfortunate septic system situations—along with many more you can find on the internet—can easily be avoided with knowledge of your system and with the right partner to ensure proper maintenance.

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