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How Do Septic Systems Work? Ham Lake MN

Individual Sewage Treatment & Disposal System

How Septic Tanks Work Ham Lake MNMany homes located in the Ham Lake MN area rely on an Onsite Wastewater Treatment Structure for every day Sewage Disposal. Your Typical Septic System consists of an underground Septic Tank along with a Drainfield or some type of Soil Absorption Field. The way they work is based on a combination of Technology and Nature. Bacteria plays a large role

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Septic Biomat Layer

Biological Treatment Process for Sewage Waste

Biomat Layer of Septic DrainfieldPrivate Septic Systems in Minnesota and other areas of the country have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with Biomats. The Biological Mat or Biomat is a slimy buildup of bacteria that forms in the Soil Absorption Area (SAS) called a Drainfield or Leach Field. It creates a buildup or slime layer that helps to remove sewage, viruses and pathogens from wastewater before it contaminates nearby ground water. If the Biomat becomes too thick

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Minnesota Soil Percolation Test

Testing Soil Absorption Rate

MN Soil Percoloation TestingMany people may be surprised to learn the amount of Science involved in Treating Sewage Waste. In order to become a Minnesota Licensed Septic Sewer Inspector, individuals go through lots of training to understand the Biological Aspects of breaking down excrement. Soil conditions play a large role in Determining the Best Location to install an On-Site Septic System. Soil Percolation Tests can also be instrumental in

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Private Sewer System Repairs Walker MN


Sewer System Repairs Walker MNSewer Backing Up

Sewer Backing Up into toilets and basement drains in your Walker, MN home or cabin is the last thing that you want to have happen. Nasty Odors and bacteria filled sewage can cause a lot of problems. Call a MN Licensed Septic Contractor to figure out the problem and help you to make decide on your best course of action. Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is just the Septic System Company that you want to call. With over 19 years of experience we have seen it all. Ask CSI about a Free Estimate on Private Sewer System Repairs or Replacement.

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Effects of Soil on Sewage Systems Ham Lake MN

Soil-Based Sewage Treatment Systems

Soil Types in Sewage Treatment Systems Ham Lake MNDo you know what your soil type is? Do you have dirt that is mostly sandy, coarse or possibly clay? The type of soil that you have on your property is a major determining factor for choosing a Sewage System Design. Soil-based Sewage Treatment Systems, also known as SSTS or ISTS are commonly used by Ham Lake, MN homes that are not connected to a municipal sanitary sewer system.

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