Public Sewer System vs Private Septic System

Septic System Definitions A thru M | Anoka MNYou can pretty much bet that everyone uses some sort of a Sewage Treatment System, either a municipal sewer or an On Site Septic System. But, have you ever stopped to wonder how it all works or what the difference is between a Public Sewer System and a Private Sewer System. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Licensed Septic Contractor that you can call if you have a septic system. Here are some of the common terms used in the sewage business and what they mean. Septic System Definitions for Anoka MN residents with an SSTS (Subsurface Sewage Treatment System) on their own property.


On Site Septic System Terms and FAQs

At-Grade Septic System: Type of pressurized septic system that uses a septic tank. Sewage is dosed out of the tank to a soil absorption bed that is built on the surface of the ground, using the original soil.


Certificate of Compliance: A written document that can be obtained from a licensed septic inspector after completing a septic compliance inspection. This certificate states that the condition of the existing septic system is currently in compliance with state and local requirements.


Compliance Inspection: An evaluation of an existing septic system in order to find whether or not it conforms to standards set up by the government. The investigation will end with either a certificate of compliance or a notice of noncompliance.


Distribution Box: A device used to distribute septic tank liquids out into areas of the soil distribution system. It uses gravityto disperse the effluent evenly throughout the system.


Drainfield: AKA; Drainage field, leach field, drain field, soil absorption field, soil treatment area (see soil treatment area below).


Effluent: Liquids inside of the septic tank consisting of graywater, wastewater and urine.


Effluent Screen: Installed on the septic tank outlet pipe as a way to filter out solids and allow partially treated liquids to flow out of the tank for further organic treatment.


Graywater: Sewage waste water that does not contain contents that come from toilets.


ISTS: Individual subsurface sewage treatment system. Same as SSTS; A system used to receive, hold, decontaminate, discharge and disperse sewage waste. Components of an ISTS or SSTS can include septic tanks, distribution box, dispersal device, distribution pipes, rocks, gravel, sand or other distribution medium.


Mound System: Type of unconventional septic system in which the the sewage treatment and dispersement system is built above grade. Clean sand is brought in to act as a filtration system for septic tank effluent. A pressure distribution device is used to disperse the liquids through the sand and gravel.


MPCA: Minnesota pollution control agency; in charge of overseeing septic systems and how they relate to environmental contamination. Provides certification for licensed septic professionals who have the training and education to provide services such as septic design, inspections, installations and repairs.


Licensed Septic Contractor

As a MPCA Certified and Licensed Septic Contractor, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides our Anoka, MN clients with the best septic services at affordable prices. We work hard to make sure that your Onsite Septic System remains in compliance with Minnesota regulations for safe, effective sewage treatment. Call to schedule an appointment for a Septic Compliance Inspection or other septic service listed below.

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