Springtime Maintenance Tips For Your Septic SystemSpring is a time for renewal, and your septic tank should be included in that process. To ensure its optimal performance in springtime, regular maintenance of your system is necessary. Septic problems often arise due to weather changes from winter to springtime – humid ground can become dampened causing the water table to rise, leading to flooding issues as well as other issues within the system. Custom Septic can assist you! Additionally, we provide spring maintenance recommendations for septic systems to avoid problems from occurring in the first place.

Your filters need changing: Spring cleaning has already started, so why not renew your tank’s filter? Your filter can get clogged from spring weather or winter storms, preventing its entire system from functioning correctly and leading to unnecessary damage. You have two options for doing this yourself or hiring an experienced professional who specializes in maintaining septic tanks.

Pump the septic tank: As temperatures rise in late spring, now is the ideal time to pump it. Doing so can help avoid flooding, backups and even sewage leakage in your yard. Custom Septic can ensure your system is regularly maintained and serviced efficiently for you.

Aim gutter downspouts away: Make sure your gutter downspouts are directed away from your septic tanks during springtime. With the rainy season upon us, flooding can occur more easily if water from your downspouts hits the tanks.

Clean out interior drains: A clean interior drain means your septic system won’t have to work as hard pumping water out, potentially leading to flooding if there are too many clogs. Custom Septic is a professional company that can safely and quickly clear away any blockages in pipes and drains.

Springtime inspections: Scheduling an inspection for your septic system is a wise idea. A qualified professional can easily detect any minor issues that have developed due to cold weather or temperature shifts, including cracked lids and broken caps. With peace of mind, knowing your septic system remains healthy and won’t become worse over time.

These tips will help you get started with spring septic system maintenance. Your system will last longer if it is properly cared for, and any potential issues or changes should be noted. Scheduling a spring inspection from Custom Septic can identify issues in your tank and provide safe, dependable solutions to fix them quickly.

Custom Septic is a locally owned company that specializes in residential and commercial drain, sewer, and septic services like hydro jetting and electric drain cleaning. Our methods and tools are reliable, safe, and fast so we guarantee your system will run smoothly no matter how quickly it needs it. Contact us today!