The Dirt on Minnesota Septic Systems

What kind of dirt do you have? Is it Sandy Soil or Clay Dirt? Soil Type is one of the most important factors when determining which septic design is best for your property. Along with your Soil Type, Proximity to the Water Table is what will help a Licensed, Septic Professional to design the most effective Subterranean Sewage Treatment System (SSTS), for your Brainerd, MN home.

Safe And Effective Septic Systems In Minnesota

  • Gravity Trench System
  • Pressurized Bed System
  • At-Grade System
  • Mound System

Soil Boring And Sampling

An Experienced, Licensed Septic Contractor. Such as Brad Krotzer from Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI), will come to your property and evaluate your soil type and proximity to the underground water table. He will do a Soil Boring and Sampling. This is a test to analyze soil samples to ensure that soils are capable of effectively treating and removing wastewater. Soil boring is also used to locate the water table.

Water Table Proximity To Sewage Treatment System

Location of the Water Table is not always apparent. It is very important to have an experienced septic professional find where your underground water table is located. This will help to determine Location and Design of your private, sewage treatment system. Staying a safe distance from the underground water source is of the utmost importance to avoid contamination and ensure safety.

Minnesota Law Requires that septic drainfields end at least 3 feet from the underground water table. It takes a trained septic professional to determine where a septic system must be located, along with which septic design is appropriate for each property. He will take into account soil type, such as sandy or clay, along with location of the underground water table.

Soil And Your Septic Drainfield

Your soil is not just dirt, it is a Scientifically Proven Sewage Treatment option. Microorganisms in soil work to purify the wastewater before it reaches groundwater. These microscopic bacteria, fungi, molds and other microbes need a place to live along with oxygen, proper temperatures and time to grow. This is where soil type is so important.

For your Brainerd, MN home to have a proper functioning septic system, soil must stay unsaturated. Wastewater treatment relies on the effluent gradually seeping into surrounding dirt under your drainfield. As the wastewater travels slowly through your drainfield, it relies on soil absorption and microorganisms to turn bacteria ridden wastewater into safe groundwater.

Think Of CSI For The Science Of Sewage Treatment

Brad Krotzer, owner of Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI), is a highly experienced septic professional. He has been working in the sewage treatment business for over 17 Years and is Licensed in the State of Minnesota. Brad understands the Science of Sewage Treatment Systems. Call him Today for a free consultation.

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