Septic System Inspection and Repair in DaytonIn Dayton, Minnesota, many home and business owners are required to have a professional septic tank inspection during certain moments of life. Some of those many moments include building a new construction, replacing your current septic or potentially adding on to the property with a new addition or renovation. At Custom Septic, Inc., our licensed and professional contractors are here to help you with all of your septic needs. We offer septic system inspection and repairs for both residential and commercial properties in Dayton, MN.

Septic System Inspections in Dayton

Whether you think something may be wrong with your septic system or you are getting an inspection just to stay within compliance, our team of professionals can help. We are fully licensed and certified to perform Septic System Inspections at your property and will help you to complete all of the required forms that must be submitted within 15 business days of inspection. When we do an inspection, we are after more than just a certificate of compliance for your property. We want your septic system to be functioning well! We are here to offer insight on how well your septic system is doing, how long it may last, the quality of past maintenance that has happened, any safety concerns, and lastly, if there are any red flags that need direct attention. Should this be the case, we have you covered there too.

Septic System Repairs in Dayton

There are many reasons that your septic system can fail. Much of which can be caused by neglecting to get your septic system pumped and cleaned over the years. Whether you have known existing problems or only knew this based on inspection, it’s important to never neglect septic obstacles. Failing to repair your septic in a timely manner can result in hazardous and expensive repairs. At Custom Septic, Inc., we are here to help repair your septic issues in a timely and affordable manner. We will evaluate your system and then determine the best solution to keep your property safe and functioning.

At Custom Septic, Inc., we are licensed, certified and ready to take on all of your septic system inspection and repair needs in Dayton, MN. Don’t wait another day. For more information about our services here at Custom Septic, Inc., give us a call today. Contact our team at Custom Septic, Inc., today by calling (763) 218-4769.