Slime Layer on Drain Field Soil Absorption System

Septic BioMat How It Works Anoka MNIf your Anoka MN home has a Septic Tank System with a Drain Field then you may have heard of Biomats. MN Septic Contractors like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. are very familiar with Biomat Buildup and how it can affect the health and performance of your Septic Tank Drainage Area. While a Bio-mat can be very beneficial for Organic Sewage Treatment, if clogged, it can lead to Septic System Failure. Too much of a Slimy, Black, Bacteria Layer may result in clogging zone in the Soil Absorption System (SAS).


Septic Tank System Bio-Mat Definition

Liquids discharged from the Septic Tank cannot be safely returned to the environment without adequate treatment. Different kinds of Bacteria, both Aerobic and Anaerobic, play a significant role in organically removing harmful pathogens from Wastewater. Dirty water is likely to contain Disease Causing Pathogens if it is not properly purified. A Slimy, Blackish Colored, Bio-mat Layer can significantly restrict the absorption speed through the Soil Treatment Area.

  • Slimy Black or Gray Layer over soil in septic tank drainage area
  • Living Colony formed on the sides and bottom of septic trenches
  • Biomat made up of Anaerobic Bacteria, Minerals, Microorganisms, Suspended Solids, Polysaccharides and Polyuronides
  • Effective Filtration System of partially treated waste water
  • Slows down Absorption Rate of septic tank liquid effluent
  • May Cause Problems if biomat buildup becomes too thick or dense


How a Drain Field Biomat Layer Works

A Bio-mat Layer actively works on filtering out hazardous materials before treated water seeps back into the groundwater. Biomats are generally made up of Anaerobic Bacteria, Minerals, and other Microorganisms. They form a slimy layer on top of the soil on the drainfield. The purpose of the biomat is to clog up the rate of saturation so that the soil below remains unsaturated. Overly saturated soil cannot sustain the living bacteria in the dirt. Aerobic Bacteria living in the soil can be very effective at filtering out harmful Viruses, Bacteria and Biohazardous Materials.


Prevent Septic Biomat Clogging

Biomat Clogging can lead to Septic System Failure. An overly Thickened BioMat may interfere with the Organic Sewage Treatment Process. A Clogged Biomat Layer will not allow dispersed liquids to penetrate down into the Soil Absorption System SAS where hazardous organisms are filtered out.

You can help to Prevent BioMat Buildup & Clogging:

  • Clean Septic Tank on regular basis
  • Avoid Overloading Septic System with too much water
  • Limit use of Garbage Disposal
  • Never Pour Grease down the drain
  • Limit usage of Bacteria
  • Install Washing Machine Lint Filter
  • Clean Septic Tank Outlet Filters
  • Schedule Septic System Inspections to look for problems


MN Septic System Inspections & Repairs

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a local expert on Minnesota Septic Systems. We provide Certified Septic Inspections and Septic System Repairs for our Anoka area customers. Our services help to Prevent Septic System Failure due to a Clogged Biomat Layer or other preventable sewer problems.

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