The Importance Of Regular Septic System InspectionsTo keep your septic tank operating at its best, it is important to conduct regular cleanings, maintenance, and inspections. Regular cleaning of septic tanks is important to ensure that bacteria and toxins are not built up.

When you are looking to purchase a home, septic inspections will be especially important. It’s impossible to know exactly what was in the old homeowner’s toilets, so it is important to get all the information you need before you move into your new house. This is also important because every septic system works differently so it’s worth knowing as much information as possible about your system before you move in.

Septic System Inspections

It is important to inspect your septic system at least three times a year if it is connected to your home or business. Inspections of septic systems can reveal the need to pump it and help prevent serious problems like leaks or system backups. Septic systems can even be a danger to drinking water sources if they are not maintained and inspected regularly. Here are some reasons to schedule a San Francisco septic tank inspection.

Avoid Major Septic Problems

You cannot ignore a septic tank and expect it to function without failure. A professional can spot potential problems early on, before they become serious. A tank inspection can also tell you if it needs to be pumped. Overloaded septic tanks can cause effluent to pool on the ground and then runoff into the water supply. Many diseases can be caused by bacteria, protozoa and viruses in sanitary wastewater, such as cholera and hepatitis. Water damage can cost thousands of dollars due to sewage backup in your business or home. These problems can be avoided by regular septic tank inspections.

Increase Septic System Performance

Regular inspections can prevent major problems with your septic system. They will also increase the efficiency and prolong the life of your commercial or residential septic system. The inspections will show you what maintenance is required at any time. This includes pumping, cleaning, and chemical balancing. These maintenance and service actions, taken together, will increase the septic system’s ability to store and process raw wastewater from your house or business. To get a better understanding of how your septic system will perform over the years, schedule a tank inspection.

Custom Septic can provide routine septic system inspections and maintenance. This is a smart investment for your home and property. We will inspect your system and identify potential problems. Regular tank cleaning and pumping services are also available, so your system is in good condition for many years. It is easy to prevent serious septic system issues by maintaining your septic system. We take care of your septic system, so you don’t have to! Call 763-218-4769 to find out more information on septic system inspections and maintenance services.