Springtime’s Effects On Your Septic SystemWeather this spring has not been kind, with a good bit of rainfall and no relief in sight. We, at Custom Septic, are often asked what the effects of too much water on their clients’ septic systems would be.

Reducing water use: Although your septic tank may appear closed, water could still seep into it if ground moisture levels become oversaturated, potentially leading to flooding of your septic system, and flooding its contents. To avoid overfilling your tank, reduce how much water you consume – particularly when flushing water down the sink. We are not suggesting you skip your morning shower; rather we advise shortening its duration. Switch to an electric razor or turn off the water when shaving your legs or washing your hair; or even when shaving first thing in the morning! Save even more water by only doing laundry and dishes when necessary and washing full loads.

Maintain good maintenance practices: A healthy septic is better equipped to withstand severe weather. Keep in mind that your septic tank runs a biological process which is affected by everything flushed down the drain; any food which doesn’t break down properly in the tank could affect this process negatively; while certain cleaning products could have devastating repercussions for it as they kill good bacteria that break down solid waste efficiently; make sure you choose products safe for your system and won’t interfere with this bacterial process.

Regular pumping of your septic system is one of the most essential maintenance practices you should perform on it. Pumping should take place every five years or so for optimal operation; otherwise, bacteria growth could take over and lead to overflows or blocked leach fields.

When planning your spring planting, consider your septic tank: If you plan to plant anything over your system, it’s best to choose plants with shallow roots, like grasses and flowers. Avoid planting trees or bushes with deep roots, as they can cause damage to your system. It’s also not a great idea to park or drive vehicles directly over your leach fields, as their weight can damage drain lines.

Springtime Is The Perfect Time To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped And Re-energized

Maybe your tank hasn’t been pumped for several years. Spring is the perfect time to have your system pumped up and ready for the new season. Protect the investment that you made in your property and home. Maintain your septic systems in a good condition. Call Custom Septic if you have any questions, concerns or want a professional to assess your septic maintenance. We are always available to you with two locations, and a 50-mile service radius from each. To schedule an appointment, call (763)218-4769 Big Lake or (763)218-4769 Menahaga. You can also complete our online form.