Signs Never To Ignore With Your Septic SystemMost people whose homes have septic systems are familiar with the signs that can lead to septic system failure. But even for those who know what to look for, reminders can be very helpful. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the signs that a problem could be developing with your septic system.

Standing water or spongy soil on your property. If you notice water puddling in your yard for reasons other than heavy rainfall, or if your yard has areas of wetness when it has not rained, you could have a leak in your septic system.
Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs drain slower than usual. This could indicate a clog in the system, which will be difficult for most homeowners to locate and even more difficult to fix.
Family members developing intestinal disorders. If a problem in your septic system is affecting your drinking water, you and your family could ingest unclean water. Although this is a less common problem, it is not unheard of and should be addressed immediately.
Foul odors from drains in your home. If this is not the most common sign of a septic system problem, it is the one that most homeowners recognize. Your septic system should not be allowing foul odors into your home.

These issues can occur for any number of reasons including the following:

An increase in the amount of water used in your home. If you have had house guests, for example, it is possible that the increase in water use can create an issue with your septic system. The more frequent flushing of toilets contributes to such an issue, as can leaky faucets.
Garbage disposals. If your home is equipped with both a garbage disposal and a septic system, do not use the garbage disposal. You cannot avoid using the septic system, but you can avoid using the garbage disposal.
Poor septic system design or wrong-sized septic tank. Septic systems are not one size fits all. They are tailored to each property, and sometimes they are designed or installed poorly. This can lead to problems, but fortunately, they are problems that Custom Septic can fix.
Septic system age. All systems are susceptible to breaking down after a certain period of time. This is also true of septic systems.

Regardless of what caused your septic system problem, the team at Custom Septic, Inc., will be able to repair it. Call us at 763-218-4769 or submit the form on our website.