What is Septic System Biomat?

Septic System Biomat Slime Becker MNHave you noticed a Slimy buildup of Smelly, Black material around the Drainfield area of your Becker MN sewage system? A Biomat Layer is made up of partially decomposed organic materials that could very well prevent adequate Decomposing of Sewage Waste. As a highly trained and experienced Minnesota Septic Professional, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) understands the scientific implications of a overgrown Biomat Clogging and damaging and slowing down Septic System Performance.


Septic Tank Sewer System Bacteria

Today’s Septic Tank Systems rely on basic science and nature to remove Harmful Pathogens from the sewer leaving your home. A properly working system has Natural Bacteria in human feces that start the treatment process right inside of the septic tank. These are Anaerobic Bacteria that thrive without oxygen. The liquid Effluent then flows out of the tank and onto the next functioning treatment area.


Soil Treatment Area Bacteria

Permeable Soil plays a crucial role in breaking down and removing disease causing microbes from organic waste. Aerobic Bacteria, the kind that needs oxygen to survive, lives inside of dirt. Think of it as a natural filtering system to make liquid waste safe enough to return to the groundwater source. A Soil Treatment Area of the drain field section of your Becker MN septic system must be kept healthy if it is to do the job effectively.


Soil Clogging Biomat Slime

Oxygen rich soil can do a great job of naturally filtering out Dangerous Disease Causing Microbes from wastewater. A Slimy Biomat Layer can form on the sides or bottom of Septic Drainfield Trenches. Its presence can slow down the treatment process. An Overgrowth of Biomat Material could leave you with a Septic System Malfunction or Sewage Backing Up through toilets or drains.

Call the Certified Septic Professionals at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) if you notice any of the following Signs of Biomat Overgrowth:

  • Standing water in the soil treatment area
  • Stinky, smelly, slimy substance above drain field trench
  • Foul smelling sewer odors
  • Slow moving drains
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Sewage in the home
  • Contaminated well water


Certified MN Septic Professionals

Contact Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for Residential Sewage System Inspections and Septic System Repairs. We are Certified Septic Professionals with over two decades of sewer experience. Let us remove the worry of Septic System Malfunction or Drainfield Failure from your property. There are things we can do today to keep you from experiencing a Sewage Backup in the near future.

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