Septic Tank Manhole Covers & Lids

Septic Tank Covers | Lids | Risers Elk River MNMost Elk River MN Septic Systems come equipped with an underground septic tank. A Manhole Cover or a Lid is used to access the septic tank for Cleaning and Inspections. The tank may be buried anywhere from 8” to 2 feet below the surface of the ground. An older style septic systems will often have the manhole cover located about one foot under ground. Installing a Septic Tank Access Riser provides easier access to the tank without compromising safety. CSI Custom Septic Inc. prefers to Install New Septic Systems with the manhole cover at ground level.


Manhole Cover Access Risers

Septic Tank Maintenance is much more convenient when the lid is easily accessible. This translates into a Smaller Cleaning Bill from your local septic contractor. When the manhole cover has to be dug up each time the tank needs to pumped out it results in more time and more money.

A Manhole Cover Access Riser can be installed by CSI Custom Septic, Inc. Risers come in different styles and a variety of different materials. No matter which type of riser that you choose, they are made to extend up from the opening of the Septic Tank and provide better access for the pumping technician or Septic Inspector.


Septic Tank Manhole Extension Risers

Septic Tank Covers and Extension Risers can be made of several different kinds of materials as long as they keep the tank sealed up properly. It is very important to have a nice watertight seal to prevent runoff from entering into the tank. When done right, the tank lid will be Safe, Secure and Odor Free. Installing an Access or Extension Riser is a Cost Effective Solution for Residential Septic System Owners in Elk River.

  • Steel Manhole Covers
  • Polyloc Septic Tank Lids
  • Concrete Manhole Covers
  • Metal Adjustment Rings
  • Tuf-Tite Lids & Extenders
  • Plastic Access Risers
  • Concrete Risers
  • Polyethylene Lids & Risers
  • Decorative Rock Covering


MN Septic System Inspections and Installation

You never have to worry about the workmanship or quality of Septic Tank Covers, Risers, Lids or Extenders installed by CSI Custom Septic, Inc. Our team is very well educated and experienced when it comes to Residential Septic Systems in the Elk River MN area. We Design, Install, Repair and Inspect individual sewer systems across many communities in Minnesota. Call us for a Free – No Obligation Estimate today!

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