Are Septic Tank Additives A Good Idea?

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If you have an individual septic system on your Cambridge, MN property you may be wondering if purchasing septic tank additives are a good idea. These products are advertised to save you money by keeping your septic tank cleaner longer, therefore, having to be pumped less often. Unfortunately, some septic tank additives are just a waste of your money, while some can cause Costly Damage to your septic system. It is very important to have your septic system Inspected by a septic professional and Pumped on a regular basis. No Tank Additive product is needed to aid the sewer treatment process. They are NOT endorsed or recommended by the USDA or EPA.


Three Types Of Septic System Additives

There are 3 types of septic tank additive products on the market. Sewer additives are meant to be used as Starters, Feeders or Cleaners. Each are advertised to work with the bacteria in the system to break down and treat the sewage. The best way to help bacteria to do an effective job is to Reduce the amount of Chemicals and Antibacterial cleaning products that go into the system.

Starter Additives

  • Advertised to get the treatment started by adding Bacteria.
  • Primarily used on a new septic system or one that has just been pumped.
  • Not Needed because human waste has plenty of bacteria to do the job of breaking solids in sewage.
  • Not Harmful but Not Necessary.
  • Waste of Money.

Feeder Additive Products

  • Advertised to add nutrients to make bacteria Healthier and Reproduce Faster.
  • Said to add Enzymes to assist the Bacteria in treating sewage.
  • Not Necessary – bacteria has enzymes that will do the job.
  • Will Not Help or Harm your septic system.
  • Waste of your Money.

 Cleaner Additives For Septic Tank

  • Claim to clean pipes and septic tank.
  • May just be a Starter or Feeder that introduces enzymes into the tank.
  • Possible that Cleaners may cause solids to go into the liquid sewage.
  • Could be Dangerous.
  • Could cause irreparable Damage to your Septic System.
  • Could cost you Thousands of Dollars to repair or replace drainfield or septic mound system.

Septic System Inspections And Pumping Save You $$$

Don’t waste your money on septic tank additives that Do Not Work and may cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. The Best way to maintain your septic system is to have it Inspected by a Septic Professional like Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. Brad is a septic system professional who is Licensed and Certified with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). He will inspect your sewer system and can recommend a pumping company that does quality work.

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Serving the Twin Cities Metro area and Northern Minnesota.


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