Why Water Tables Matter For Sewage Treatment

RiverKnowing your proximity to the water table is important for effective Sewage Waste Treatment. Location of the water table however, is not always obvious. A Licensed Septic Professional can do Soil Boring Sampling on Anoka, MN properties to locate the water table even where we cannot see that water is present.

A Septic System works when sewage wastewater is dispersed into the soil drainfield for safe treatment. Effectiveness in treatment of human waste in soil is partially determined by Soil Oxygen content. Unsaturated soil that contains Oxygen is called Aerobic. Water Saturated Soil is considered Anaerobic. The microorganisms in aerated soil perform differently than those in saturated, anaerobic soil. Natural Septic System treatment depends on microbes that function inside the anaerobic septic tank and those that perform in aerobic soil. Air pockets in soil slow the fluid progression, giving the microbes time to safely treat wastewater.


Determining Water Table Location

The State of Minnesota has a law requiring the bottom of a Drainfield to be a Minimum of 3 Feet from the underground water table. Many times we are not able to see the water. A core soil sample is needed to look for mineral deposits that are left behind from groundwater. This Soil Boring is a process where a licensed septic technician collects a soil sample for analysis. The test is used to locate the water table when water is not openly present. Soil boring sampling will also help to determine if your soil is capable of receiving and treating wastewater.

 Seasonally High Water Tables

Water tables in Minnesota often fluctuate during the year. This can be due to melting and run off of Winter Snow, Heavy Spring Rains and Summer Storms or even Drought conditions. We have come to expect springtime river flooding in some Minnesota communities but may not think about underground water tables being variable just like river and lake waters.

Living in a Flood Plain has serious implications for septic systems. This is where an experienced septic professional is needed to help determine where the water table is located throughout the year. A licensed septic contractor, like Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. has the knowledge and experience to design the best septic treatment system for your Anoka, MN property. He will test the soil and determine if a traditional septic system will be effective, or if a Mounds System is needed.

Licensed Septic System Professional

Anoka, MN property owners should contact a Licensed Septic Professional like Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) to locate the water table and determine the most cost effective sewage treatment options. Brad is a septic system professional who is Licensed and Certified with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). He is experienced in Testing, Inspecting, Installing, Repairing, Designing and Maintaining septic treatment systems.


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