Does Your Home Have City Sewer or Private Septic?

Septic System or Sewer System Corcoran MNEvery home in Minnesota is required to safely treat Sewage Waste that is generated from their home or cabin. If you are a Septic System Owner then by law, you are responsible for making sure that it is operating properly and is up to code. Septic System Experts at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can assist with the Design, Installation, Inspection and Repair of Onsite Septic Systems, including septic tanks and drain fields. Your local Corcoran MN city is responsible for sewage collection and treatment if you have a City Sewer System.


What is a Septic Tank System?

A Septic System is an Onsite Sewage Treatment System that is used to filter, treat and decontaminate wastewater and human waste that comes from a home. It generally consists of an underground septic tank, pipes and a drainfield.


Septic Tank

The waste (which includes both dirty water, clean water, urine and feces, among other materials), flows from the home through sewer pipes. It is deposited into the Septic Tank where it separates into three layers, Scum, Effluent and Sludge. The liquid effluent travels out through an outlet pipe and on to the next phase of filtering and cleansing.



A Drainfield (Leachfield, Absorption Field, Soil Treatment Area, Seepage Bed, Filtering Trench, Drain Field), whatever you want to call it, is where the partially treated liquid waste is filterted through gravel and dirt.


Aerobic Bacteria | Anaerobic Bacteria

Bacteria plays a significant role in removing harmful pathogens and germs from the graywater and sewage. Anaerobic Bacteria living inside of the wet septic tank, can survive without oxygen. It is inside of the tank that the organic treatment process begins. Aerobic Bacteria living the the soil, is needed to further the decontamination process before the much cleaner water seeps back into the surrounding groundwater.


Municipal Sewer System

A city or community Sewer System uses a centralized wastewater treatment plant that collects, treats and recycles sewage and contaminated water before returning a cleansed version to the environment. Sewer pipes are buried underground. They carry the sewer from the home and on to a treatment facility.

Urban areas, cities and larger communities usually rely on a Municipal Sewer System that is maintained and billed by the local municipality. If you receive a utility bill for water and sewer usage then your home has a Sewer System rather than a septic system.


Onsite Septic System Experts

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is Licensed, Insured and Certified as a MN Septic System Contractor. We take pride in our work and understand why Sewage Treatment is so important and requires an expert. The Corcoran MN area is thriving in part because of the beautiful natural resources. Schedule an appointment for a Septic System Inspection or Repair if there is a problem with the Septic Tank, Drainfield or other component. You will receive an honest evaluation and explanation of findings.

In Corcoran, Buffalo and Hanover MN, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for Professional Septic System Services at: 763-218-4769