Septic System Inspection Services Around Big Lake, MNThere are several reasons that your property may need a septic system inspection. Two of the most common reasons an inspection is required is because a property is being sold, or a construction project is beginning, and a permit is needed. In both of these cases, you are required by the local government to complete an inspection of your septic system by a State Certified Septic System Inspector. If you are purchasing a home with a septic system, it is always wise to get an inspection before you close on your new home. Without this inspection, you can be on the hook for major repairs should there be an undiscovered problem with the septic system.

Benefits of a Septic System Inspection

Custom Septic Inc. is a licensed septic system company that specializes in septic system inspection, design and repair. If you are purchasing a home, or have any concerns about your septic system, we can help. Septic systems can be complex, repairs can be costly so septic systems should be inspected regularly by a professional, to ensure that they are functioning properly. Signs that you may have a septic system problem include:

  • Slow flushing toilets
  • Backed up toilets, sinks or tubs
  • Continuously running toilets
  • Bad odors inside your home or near your drainfield
  • Soggy or flooded drainfield

Septic system inspections can identify problem areas with your septic system before the problem gets worse and causes serious damage to your property. Custom Septic Inc. has the experience and expertise to inspect the septic system, find any potential problems and repair them so that you can be confident that the system will be functional for many years to come.

We can inspect, diagnose and repair issues with septic tank covers, damaged piping, leaks and/or cracks in your septic tank, and a blocked leach field.

Certified Septic System Inspection Services

Our staff offers affordable and honest septic system inspection for those who live near Big Lake, MN. We will give you detailed information about your septic system, including how long you can expect it to work properly, whether it is compliant with local regulations as well as a sense of how well maintained it has been. This information is extremely valuable as you decide whether to pursue the purchase of the home. For more information about our septic system inspection and repair services, give us a call at 763-218-4769 to schedule an appointment.