Septic System Inspection ServiceIn Dayton, MN, Custom Septic, Inc. is a name you always want to keep in your back pocket. While no one enjoys calling a septic system company, Custom Septic, Inc. makes things as simple and easy for you as possible. Whether you think something may be going array with your septic system or you are looking to buy or sell your property, our septic system inspection services are top notch and extremely efficient. If you are looking for a septic system inspection service in Dayton, MN, look to Custom Septic, Inc., first.

Licensed Septic System Professionals

When you need your septic system inspected, it’s important that you have a professional who is certified to do a thorough job. Otherwise, you will be throwing money down the drain. At Custom Septic, Inc. our inspections are all done by a certified Custom Septic, Inc., contractor. We are fully licensed and certified to perform Septic System Inspection services and have the required forms that are used and completed within 15 business days of the inspection. Once we are done, we will give the property owners a certificate of compliance (COC) or a Notice of Non-Compliance (NON). Should you receive a NON and need work on meeting the performance standards for safety, we will work with you and give you a timeframe for repair as well as inform you of the services you need to achieve at COC.

Septic System Inspection Service Dayton, MN

Whether you are needing septic system inspection services because you are selling your property or just wanting it checked, Custom Septic, Inc., offers peace of mind that is irreplaceable. Septic system inspection services can help you make an informed decision, allow you to understand what kind of maintenance you may need to be doing, provide you with projected costs and take the worry of the unknown out of the equation. While there is no state-wide requirement for inspection services, many local governments either require it or strongly advise anyone buying property to do so.

In Dayton, MN, many properties have their own septic system. If you are searching for a company that provides septic system inspection services, look first to your professionals with over 20 years of experience here at Custom Septic, Inc. Choosing a company that provides affordable septic system inspections. For more information about all of our services, give us a call today at (763) 218-4769 and let us help you.