Septic System Inspection Prior To Buying A Home In Big Lake AreaMany recommend that a septic system inspection be done before you sell a property with onsite wastewater treatment. Although it is not required by law to do so, experienced property owners and realtors will strongly recommend that you do so. Custom Septic provides affordable septic system inspections in Big Lake and surrounding Minnesota cities. Our septic inspections provide insight into the life expectancy of your septic system, identify any red flags, and ensure that it is safe working.

It’s a good idea for the seller to talk about everything, regardless of whether they are the agent or the previous owner. However, even if they do know everything, they won’t be able to divulge it all. They might not know of any problems with the drainpipe or septic tank. Ask for records of maintenance and cleaning, as well as when the septic tank was first installed. It might need to be replaced if it is older than 25 years.

View Yard, Septic Risers And Indoor Plumbing: It doesn’t take an expert to determine if standing water is clogging the septic tank in a dry area. There could be an issue. The septic system could be to blame if there is a foul-smelling smell in your backyard. The septic tank is the most important thing in a yard. If the water is not draining quickly or the pipes are making gurgling noises, there may be an issue.

Professional Septic Inspections In Big Lake MN Area

Inspections of septic systems must be performed by employees or businesses that are licensed and certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Custom Septic is licensed and certified to conduct septic system inspections.

Minnesota Septic Compliance Certificates

After a professional inspection, you will either receive a Certificate of Compliance or a Notice of Non-Compliance. These terms are for the protection and safety of the public as well as the environment. Although there is not a state-wide requirement for subsurface sewage treatment systems, it is important to consult your local government before acquiring or servicing one.

Contact Custom Septic if you need a Certificate of Compliance, or if you want to feel more confident about the property you are purchasing. Call (763) 218 4769 or (218 564-5800) to make an appointment.