Septic System Failure RepairThe potential for septic system failure is not something to take lightly. Septic system failure can mean significant damage to your property, not to mention a major cleanup effort. If your septic system was built properly and has been well maintained, you can expect it to last between 20-30 years. When your septic system fails, sewage will contaminate your groundwater which can cause serious health issues for you and your family. Custom Septic Inc. can help prevent an expensive septic system failure by providing you with trusted septic system evaluation, repair and, if needed, replacement.

Signs Of A Septic System Problem

If you are having concerns about your septic system failing, there are some signs to keep an eye out for:

● You notice more weeds and/or algae growing near the septic system
● Soggy soil on your property near your drain field or septic system
● Slow drains or flushing in your kitchen or bathroom
● Strong odors inside your home or outside
● Sewage backing up in your tubs, sinks or toilets
● Alarm going off on your septic tank
● Stomach issues can indicate that the water you are drinking may be contaminated

There are many causes for septic system failure. Custom Septic can make a quick and accurate assessment of your septic system problem and communicate clearly with you about how we plan to repair it. We have experience working with systems that have not had much or any maintenance in the past, systems that were not installed correctly, systems with a small tank or drain field, or a system that is overusing water. The bottom line is that it is always best to have a septic system issue checked out by a professional, rather than leave a full failure as a possibility. Preventing a problem will save you money and a lot of stress!

Professional Septic System Repair Company In Big Lake MN

Custom Septic Inc. serves a 50-mile radius of Big Lake, MN. We realize that septic system repair or replacement may not be in your regular monthly budget, so we offer our clients low interest financing, flexible payment options and we now accept many major credit cards. If you have concerns about payment, give us a call and we will share options that might work for you.

If you are concerned about a potential problem with your septic system, call Custom Septic Inc. at 763-218-4769 before the problem gets any worse. You can never be too careful with your septic system!