Septic System Emergencies Around Big LakeSeptic systems are out of sight, and unfortunately, for most people, oftentimes out of mind… until it’s too late. Many homeowners don’t consider having any pro-active repair work on their septic systems and as such, emergencies arise. How quickly the problem is attended to can result in the difference between having a system that can be repaired and having a system which now requires replacement. As you might imagine, repairs can cost thousands of dollars less than replacement options. Knowing how to tell when your system is in distress and what to do when these signs become evident can help keep your septic system working as efficiently as it can.

Standing Water In The Yard Over The Drain Field

Every septic system has a drain field component… an area where a network of pipes is buried in a grid pattern. The liquid overflow effluent from the tank drains into the drain field and is disbursed through the underground network of pipes. If one of these pipes ruptures, you will notice standing water or puddles that form on the ground over the break in the pipe. If you notice standing water, yet it has not rained, consider this a sign, and call your local septic company to inspect.

Sewage Backup And Slow Drainage

When properly functioning, your drains should clear about one gallon of water every thirty seconds. In many cases, if something is blocking the pipes where the liquid exits into the drain field, or in the pipes that lead from the house into the septic tank itself, the sewage will back up into the pipes and fixtures within the home. If you notice any slow drainage from sinks or gurgling sounds from within the drains, it could be a sign of serious septic trouble or that pipes are almost completely blocked. Call your local septic company for an inspection of your septic lines.

Handling Septic System Emergencies

As soon as you realize you are having difficulties with your septic system, you should consult with your local septic system professionals to schedule an inspection. When emergencies arise, much like any other system within your home, getting on top of it sooner, rather than later, could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and many hours of time in resolving the situation. The longer you wait to get your system looked at, the worse the damage can get. By all means, to avoid flooding, stop using any water sources in the event of septic system failure.

If you live within a 50-mile radius of Big Lake, MN, call the septic system professionals at Custom Septic. While it’s best to stay ahead of emergency situations and allow for inspections and timely repairs, the experts are always on hand 24/7 to respond to your septic system emergencies. For all needs, call (763) 218-4769 or email right away!