Individual On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems

Septic System Info Andover MNOn-site Sewage Treatment Systems are quite common around Andover, MN. They are used to safely and efficiently treat wastewater from your home. Wastewater from toilets, showers, sinks and laundry leaves your home through a septic pipe that takes it to an underground Septic Tank. This is where the initial Biochemical Treatment Process begins. Failure to properly treat sewage is an imminant threat to human health and the environment. Drinking water, lakes and rivers are all at risk for contamination from untreated wastewater and sewage. All septic systems in Minnesota must be professionally Designed, Installed and Inspected by a Licensed Septic Contractor like Brad Krotzer of Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI).


Septic System Components

The three main components of a septic system are the Septic Tank, Drainfield and Soil. The type of Septic System Design that you have on your Andover, MN property depends largely on your soil type.

1. Septic Tank- The main purpose of a septic tank is to store sewage and separate the solids from the liquids. Bacteria begins the decomposition process inside of the tank. Heavy solids fall to the bottom of the tank forming what is called the Sludge layer. Lighter waste, including oil and grease, floats on the top forming the Scum layer. The middle layer is liquid waste called Effluent. Liquid Effluent travels out of the main septic tank into a secondary tank and then on to the drain field.

It is very important to have your septic tank regularly Inspected and Pumped out to remove sludge and scum. Failure to maintain the septic tank can cause serious damage to the drainfield and cost you thousands of dollars.

2. Drainfield- A typical drainfield is made up of a series of perforated pipes that are buried underground and rest on a gravel bed. Effluent is allowed to exit the pipes and flow into the surrounding soil. If the drainfleld is overwhelmed with too much liquid it can malfunction and cause backups in your home or yard.

3. Soil Naturally occurring Bacteria in the soil removes harmful disease causing bacteria from the effluent. The liquid percolates in the surrounding soil and eventually makes it way back into the groundwater. Soil that is too pourous or too clay-like will not be as effective for the biochemical treatment process. Different Septic System Designs are used to safely and effectively treat sewage.


Licensed Septic Contractor

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for regular Septic System Inspections and maintenance. We are Licensed Septic Contractors who are here to help keep your on-site sewage treatment system working properly for many years. Andover, MN homeowners can trust our expertise with over 17 years in the business. We are certified by the State of Minnesota to do Septic System Designs, Installations, Inspections and Repairs. Call is to make sure that your Septic Tank, Drainfield and Soil are doing their job to keep your family safe.

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