Lint Trap Filters Extend The Life Of Your Septic System

LaundryA healthy Septic System is very important for maintaining the health of your family and property. It can be quite expensive to repair or replace an onsite septic system that has failed due to clogged or missing filters. A Washing Machine Lint Trap Filter is recommended to keep lint from non-biodegradable natural and synthetic fibers from entering the septic tank. Homeowners can install the filters themselves. Cleaning these lint trap filters regularly is a relatively easy and affordable way for Ramsey, MN homeowners to extend the life of their sewer system.

Washing Machine Lint Traps

There are different types of washing machine lint filters that Ramsey homeowners can install themselves to Protect a Septic System. The Least Expensive filter style is attached to the end of a washer discharge hose that drains into a laundry tub. This kind of Drain Basket or Sock-Type Lint Filter will catch larger lint and fibers that otherwise would end up sitting inside of the septic tank for a very long time since most cloth fibers do not degrade from bacteria in the sewage. It is easy to install and should be Replaced about every 3 Months.

A High Quality Lint Trap has fine mesh to catch even the smallest synthetic and natural cloth fibers. This style of lint filter is costs more but is pretty easy to install. The plastic filtering mechanism mounts to the wall and does not require a laundry tub. It has a Reusable Filter Bag that should be Emptied after each 8 to 15 Loads of laundry. Replacing this type of lint filter can be a bit costly but they do not need to be replaced often.

Licensed Septic Professional

Considering the importance of a Healthy Septic Treatment System, it is wise to take precautions to maintain the system. By adding filters and keeping them clean, Ramsey, MN homeowners are making a great investment in the health of their septic system. A Washing Machine Lint Trap Filter can be very inexpensive and easily installed by the homeowner. Depending on the style of lint filter you have chosen, cleaning or replacing the filter regularly is quick and affordable. This small investment in time and money can save you thousands of dollars in costly septic system repairs.


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