Rely On Natural Biological Treatment Process

 Rockford MN Septic System Bacteria


A large number of homes in Minnesota rely on an Onsite Individual Septic System for safe sewage treatment. This is also true in the Rockford, MN area. Your septic system relies on a Natural Biological Process to break down and treat solid waste. Bacteria is found in human fecal matter and is fed by oxygen within the septic tank and soil in the drainfield. There is No Need to add Septic System Additives to help the process along. It is like putting money down the drain and can possibly lead to expensive repairs. The best way to keep your individual septic system healthy is by having an annual inspection and regular septic tank pumping to remove solids. Contact a Septic Professional at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for Septic Inspections and Maintenance.


Bacteria In Septic Systems

Bacteria are naturally occurring in human waste. Inside the septic tank they work to decompose raw sewage and food particles that leave your home through the plumbing and septic pipes. The liquids that leave the tank through an outlet pipe are now partially treated. Next they travel to the Soil Treatment System in the drainfield where more bacteria are waiting to do their job.

A thin layer of bacteria, tiny solids and dead bacteria form what is called a Biomat. This biomat restricts flow and helps to keep soil from becoming too saturated. Now, the liquid travels through unsaturated soil where it is treated by aerobic bacteria. After the biological treatment process has been completed, harmless water returns to the groundwater.


Septic Tank Additives

There are many different types and brands of septic system additives on the market today. Some are being marketed as a substitute for pumping and cleaning of the septic tank. None of these products should be used in the place of regular septic system maintenance. Professional Inspections are necessary to make sure that the system is healthy and doing its job to treat raw sewage and protect groundwater. Pumping out the tank is the only way to safely remove solids that collect in the bottom of the septic tank.


Biological And Chemical Additives

Chemical Additives can be dangerous for the environment and disrupt the natural biological treatment process. Some areas prohibit the use of chemical additives because of the harm that they can cause.

Biological Additives are made up of yeast, bacteria and enzymes. They are marketed to increase efficiency of your septic system and as a form of maintenance. Most septic experts do not find any added benefit of these biological additives. In small quantities they probably will not harm the system but do not help it either. They are an unnecessary waste of your time and money. In large quantities they may actually disrupt the natural biological process.


Professional Septic System Services

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for Professional Septic System Services. We are dedicated to helping our Rockford, MN clients to maintain a healthy and long lasting sewage treatment system. Regular Inspections and Pumping are the best ways to save money and maintain a healthy septic system. Do Not use Septic Tank Additives. They are like putting your money down the drain and may cause significant damage to the Natural Biological Process.


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