septic-inspections-by-meCustom Septic, Inc. provides homeowners in Orno, MN a local option for septic inspections. The importance of a professional, reliable septic inspection cannot be overstated. A septic system can be taken for granted until it becomes a problem. If you are considering buying a house with a septic system, knowing the history of that septic system, any potential problems, and whether it has undergone repairs is critical. Custom Septic has extensive knowledge of septic systems and will provide you with the kind of detailed information necessary to make informed choices about a potential property purchase.

Our knowledge has helped countless prospective homebuyers make informed choices. Although almost no homebuyer would make a purchase solely because of the septic system, deciding not to buy a home because of a problematic septic system is a common occurrence. A septic system should be in excellent working order when you buy or sell a property.

Experienced Septic System Company in Orno, MN

Septic systems that develop problems tend to make themselves known beyond the limits of the property they serve. It is next to impossible to limit the smell of a problematic septic system to the property on which it is located. Our work would be a lot simpler if septic system problems always revealed themselves by the smells they release. The reality is that septic systems, while simple in concept, can be deceptively complex. Even when a smell indicates a problem, it is not always an easy proposition to identify the point of origin of the problem.

Orno Septic System Inspections

Custom Septic, has earned the respect and trust of our Orno, MN customers because we apply our extensive expertise to the inspections we conduct. We take a great deal of pride in providing our customers with inspections that are thorough, informative and easy to understand. Our experience allows us to provide impartial, objective assessments of such variables as the age of the septic system, the kinds of repairs that it has required in the past, how the system fits in with the surrounding landscape, and the kinds of issues you may face as a result of the unique combination of circumstances in your specific case.

Our team is here to help you make informed decisions as they relate to the septic system on the Orno, MN property you are considering. Call us (763) 218-4769 for more information or to schedule a septic system inspection.