Repairing or Replacing Failed Drainfield

Septic Drainfield Repair or Replace Nowthen MNMany Nowthen MN Septic Systems are made with a Drainfield Area for filtering and organically treating sewage wastewater. You may have also heard of this septic component being called a Leach Field, Soakaway Bed, Seepage Bed, Soil Absorption Area or Drainage Field. When this crucial sewage treatment area malfunctions it can result in Septic System Failure. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can often diagnose the problem and either Repair or Replace the failed components and have your plumbing back up and running in a short amount of time.


10 Causes of Drain Field Failure

The following is a list of Ten Common Causes of Drainfield Failure. Some problems can be Repaired by a Certified Septic Repair Contractor like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. In many cases it is much smarter to choose Replacement of broken or poorly functioning areas of drain fields.

  1. Poorly designed septic system with drainfield in improper location
  2. Mistakes made during construction of drainage field
  3. Broken pipes or compacted soil from driving, parking or building on top of soil treatment area
  4. Tree roots growing into sewage lines
  5. Failing to pump solids out of septic tank when needed
  6. Age of drainage trench components
  7. Clogged biomat layer in which bacteria cannot adequately remove pathogens from wastewater
  8. Chemicals killing off needed bacteria in the septic tank or soil
  9. Septic tank additives throwing off the bacterial balance within the system
  10. Flooding or overloading septic system with too much water


Prevent Septic System Failure

Nobody that I know wants to wake up one morning to find a Septic System Failure. This is why most rural homeowners are willing to take steps to make sure to keep their sewer system in good working order to Prevent Major Repairs or Premature Replacement. Be sure to check out the Septic System Care & Maintenance section of the CSI Custom Septic, Inc. website. The page contains tips for maintaining your septic system for the life of your sewage treatment system.


Certified Septic Repair & Replacement Contractor

CSI Custom Septic Inc. provides our customers with Cost Effective Solutions for common & not so common, septic system problems. We are an MPCA Certified Septic Repair and Replacement Contractor. Whether your septic system has deteriorated with age, you drain field is experiencing a clogged biomat layer or clogged sewage pipe, CSI is the one to call for Septic Repairs.

In Nowthen MN & all of Anoka County, contact Certified Septic Contractors at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) by calling (763) 218-4769