Regular Septic System Inspections Our name gives us away as our team at Custom Septic, Inc. works to ensure that your septic system is working properly. In addition, we also work to improve the quality of life of our customers and encourage a stronger sense of responsibility in our community. Our septic system inspection process is a good example of how we do our part to make sure that our community is not negatively impacted by septic system failure.

If you have called on us before to repair a problem with your septic system, you already know that many septic system issues present themselves in an unpleasant way. There is, of course, the telltale smell of a septic system problem. If that unpleasant smell is the leading indicator of a leak or a more catastrophic failure in your system, there is virtually no way to limit the impact to your own property. Neighbors are likely to experience the symptoms (and the smell) too.

Importance of Septic System Inspections

Fortunately, though, our septic system inspection process can help you avoid these kinds of problems and maintain your good standing with your neighbors. We recognize that the vast majority of homeowners with septic systems do not purposefully neglect the care and maintenance of their septic systems. Sometimes, one or another component of a septic system will simply fail and require repair or replacement. It is also true that a correctly installed septic system is far less likely to develop a problem, and most homeowners make a relatively safe assumption that a system that has not developed a problem does not require much thought.

Prevent Septic Problems with Regular Inspections

Avoiding regular maintenance on a septic system is like playing with fire. Regular maintenance and periodic inspections, provided by our team, can help you avoid potentially costly problems and possibly even avert disaster. We can tell a lot about the health and safety of your septic system by asking a few simple questions, but a thorough inspection is needed to ensure that the system remains in good working order.

Maintaining your septic system also maintains the environmental health of your community. Again, it may not be obvious that public health is one of our commitments, but it is certainly true that we value the health of our environment. Inspecting septic systems allows us to identify potential problems and prevent them before they even develop.

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