Pumping Your Septic TankThere are always lots of questions in regard to pumping out a septic tank. Why do we need to get it pumped? How often does my septic system need to be pumped? Should I get it pumped before I sell my home? How much does it cost? Do you have to dig anything up? Truthfully, these questions are really great! Understanding your septic system and the regular maintenance that is required for it makes it last longer and work better. At Custom Septic, we can answer all of your pumping septic tank questions. Below are the answers to are most common questions:

Why is it Important to Get Your Septic Tank Pumped?

Pumping out your septic tank is a part of regular maintenance that should be included in your household maintenance requirements. As your septic system builds, gases within the sewage are released. These gases can, unfortunately, deteriorate your septic tank. So, when you pump out your septic tank regularly, you help to slow that process down and keep your septic tank working for much longer. Additionally, without pumping your septic tank, it’s quite obvious that your sewage will essentially have nowhere to go but up and out. So, if you don’t want a sewage soaked yard and a hefty bill for a brand new tank, pumping your system regularly is the right choice.

How Often Does My Septic System Need to be Pumped?

Every household is different. Our rule of thumb to help prevent overflow and to keep your system working properly is every 2-3 years. Your average septic system holds about 1,500 gallons. So, if you live alone or have a family less than 4, it would not be unreasonable to go as long as 5 years.

Pumping Before Buying or Selling

While there are specific regulations for specific areas, documentation that you are properly maintaining your system with regular pumping and have had a recent pump can help you avoid pumping again.

The Cost of Pumping Your Septic Tank

The cost of pumping your septic tank can vary. Typically, pumping costs on the upwards of $350. Working this into your budget through the years, however, is quite worth it. Afterall, it is significantly less than paying tens of thousands of dollars to replace your septic system due to neglect. If your system has a lid and riser, pumping is quite simple. There is no need to dig or destroy anything in your yard. Risers and lids make it easy to locate, provides easy access year round, and makes it easier to repair. If you don’t have a riser, consider an install!