Residential Sewage Treatment Process

Residential Sewer Systems Walker MNResidential Sewage Treatment Systems can be found in back yards all around the Walker MN area. Private Sewer System are used to safely treat waste water that come from homes. Liquid and solid waste from toilets, sinks, washing machines and showers travels from the home through a sewage pipe to an underground Septic Tank. Bacteria inside of the tank begins to break down and decompose the sewer. Bacteria in the Soil Treatment Area (near the Drainfield) will continue the treatment process. A malfunction can lead to Serious Health Problems. This is one reason why all Private Sewer Systems in Minnesota must be Inspected, Designed and Installed by a Licensed Septic Professional like Brad Krotzer of Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI).


3 Main Parts of a Septic System

The three main parts of a septic system are the Septic Tank, a Drain field and Soil. The specific style of Septic System Design that you have at your Walker, MN home depends quite a bit on the kind of soil that you have.

  1. Septic Tank– A septic tank is mainly used to store sewage. Inside of the tank, solids and liquids are separated. Bacteria in feces begins to break down and decompose the contents. Septic Tanks must be periodically Inspected and have the solid waste pumped out before it clogs or overflows causing serious damage.
  1. Drainfield– Liquid sewage wastewater that has exited the septic tank now travels through a series of perforated pipes buried in the ground. The pipes usually sit on a bed of gravel. As it filters through the gravel it moves on to the soil to complete the sewage treatment process.
  1. Soil– Bacteria that growns in the soil will remove harmful disease causing bacteria from the liquid waste. The liquid slowly moves through the surrounding soil area before making its way back into the groundwater. Dirt that has too much clay or is very pourous will not function very well for safe sewer treatment.


Licensed Residential Septic Professional

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is and has been a trusted source for Private Sewer System Inspections, Designing and Residential Sewer Installs for Walker MN residents. We have decades of experience and provide Honest and Affordable services. You need a Licensed Septic Professional to handle your Residential Sewage Treatment System to Prevent Serious Health Problems for your family and neighbors.

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