The promise of warmer weather is a reminder to some people that it may be time to check the systems around your home that cannot easily be accessed when the temperatures are low and the ground is frozen. If it has been a while since you last had your septic system serviced and/or inspected, Custom Septic recommends an annual septic system inspection for our customers and spring is a perfect time of year for this.

Annual Septic System Inspection Becker

Septic system problems can develop at any time of the year, and if you have been putting off a maintenance check of your septic system, we can help you avoid a larger problem down the road by looking at your system now. Septic systems are not all that complicated, but they are also not simple machines that require no maintenance once installed. Your septic system’s reliability may create an out of sight/out of mind impression but allowing that impression to take hold is playing with fire. If your septic system develops a problem, it can create a really smelly and damaging mess on your property.

One of the best things about septic systems is that they are very good at telling you when a problem is developing. That unmistakable odor of sewage is far more reliable than the chirping of a smoke detector when the batteries are low. Even the faintest of sewage odors should prompt you to contact us immediately because not all septic system problems develop gradually. A faint odor may indicate a minor problem developing, but there are times when homeowners smell nothing for the longest time and then they are suddenly overwhelmed by sewage smells in their homes.

Septic System Inspection And Repair Becker, MN

Common locations for sewage odors are drains and toilets, which of course makes sense. Both are sources of wastewater removal. It is also possible for the smell of sewage to come from bathtub drains and laundry rooms, but it is also possible for the smell of sewage to come from some mysterious location. In such cases, experts are required, and Custom Septic fits the bill. Our staff has the skill, experience and knowledge to locate and diagnose the source of the issue and fix it. The solution may be as simple as pumping out an overfull septic tank. It could be a chemical imbalance in the tank itself, and in more serious cases, it may be that there is a leak somewhere between your house and the septic tank.

Whatever the issue, Custom Septic is equipped to help you. Call us at (763) 218-4769 to schedule your septic system inspection today!