Preventing A Septic System FailureEven the idea of a septic system failure in your home can cause extreme stress and anxiety. No one ever wants to deal with that – the smell, the damage and the financial cost. Fortunately, if you complete regular maintenance on your septic system, you can effectively prevent a septic system failure from wreaking havoc on your life. Custom Septic Inc. can complete residential septic system inspection and repair. Our licensed and experienced septic system professionals will focus on preventing a major issue and/or failure so that you do not have to. Common signs that you may have a problem with your septic system include slow flushes, continuously running toilets, backed up toilets, bad odors, or a soggy drain field.

Professional Septic System Maintenance And Repair

Our staff understands that homeowners do not know much about how their septic systems work or how to check to see if there is a problem brewing. This is our job. Many times, when we hear from our customers about a potential problem, the problem is large enough to be causing a foul odor or clog of some sort. Our staff suggests that your septic system be pumped every two years to make sure that it is functioning well, and any major problems are uncovered. We can notice things that alert us to larger problems and give you sound and honest advice about how you should handle them. This is much better than discovering you have a septic system failure on your hands.

Two common issues that we find with septic systems include the normal aging process and too much stress on the system. Stress can come from suddenly having more people using the system and putting extra stress on it that it cannot handle. We complete septic system inspections that can confirm that your system is up to code in your county. This is necessary when your property is being sold, you need a permit for a construction project, or you have a concern about your system.

Preventing Septic System Failure

Common septic system repairs include septic tank covers, damaged piping, septic tank leaks and cracks, and a blocked leach field. For more information or to schedule a time for our staff to come inspect your septic system, call us at 763-218-4769 or email We have established a strong reputation in the Minnesota community by taking good care of our customers.