prevent-septic-system-problemsWhen you buy a home, you may have the option of selecting paint color, landscaping, appliances and other things that are visible to you each and every day. But there are many aspects of a home that you do not see. One of those is your septic system. You may not even think about your septic system at all when you purchase your home. In fact, when a septic system is noticed, it is usually accompanied by an unmistakable odor. Septic systems that are installed and/or maintained by Custom Septic, Inc., generally go unnoticed, and that is a good thing. That is because we are experts in the field of septic system installation, maintenance, design, and repair. Our reputation is built on doing good work, providing excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Septic System Service And Repair

We also realize that no septic system is perfect or will last forever. Parts wear out, accidents happen, and other unforeseen circumstances can cause various kinds of breakdowns. When these unexpected things happen, you can count on Custom Septic to make sure that the amount of time that you will “notice” your septic system will be as short as possible!

Most times when something goes wrong with a septic system, there are some signs to indicate that a problem is developing. In other words, not all septic system problems arrive without warning. If you have not had your septic system serviced in a while, it becomes more vulnerable to breaking down, so it is highly recommended that you schedule time for a septic system maintenance company like ours to take a look at it.

You should certainly seek our help if you have noticed any of the following things happening:

Foul odors coming up from the drains in your kitchen, bathroom, mud room, laundry areas, or anywhere else where you may have drains.
Toilets are slow to flush or stop flushing altogether. A toilet that is slow to flush may indicate a clog in the system. It may not be as simple as a foreign object in the pipes leading from the toilet to the septic system. It could be a clog deeper in the system.
Kitchen and bathroom sinks are slow to drain.
Areas of your lawn, especially near your septic tank, are moist or flooded.

Experienced Local Septic System Company

Custom Septic can fix these and all other septic system problems, but we can also help you avoid them in the first place. Call us at (763) 218-4769 to schedule an appointment.