Prevent A Major Septic System Problem When You Least Expect ItThe holidays are on the way, and you probably have many things on your mind and a list of “to do” items a mile long. The last thing that you want to think about when you are planning for the holidays is a major problem with your septic system. Unfortunately, if your septic system has not been maintained properly, you could very easily have a problem on your hands and that problem will likely not surface at a convenient time. The team at Custom Septic works 12 months a year to help families in the Big Lake, Minnesota area prevent and manage septic system issues. If you notice even the smallest concerning smell, noise or moisture around your drain field, reach out as soon as possible to prevent any major problem.

Septic System Inspection And Regular Maintenance

It is normal for our lives to get busy during the holidays and during other busy times of year. We can go days, even weeks, without giving a second thought to our home’s condition or issues that may be building. That may be just fine for many repair issues – while they should not be ignored, fixing them immediately may not be necessary. However, when it comes to a septic system issue, time is critical. In fact, rather than finding a way to keep your septic system on your “to do” list, we actually encourage our customers to leave that item to us. We can come to your property annually and complete routine checks of your septic system so that you can rest easy knowing that you will not wake up one morning to a major septic system failure.

Minnesota Septic System Services

Trusting our company with routine septic system inspection and maintenance is a sound investment in your home and your property. We can take a close look at your entire system, notice potential areas of concern, complete regular tank cleaning and pumping services so that your septic system can work well for many years to come. Leaving this to the team at Custom Septic will ensure that you do not end up waking up to a problem on a holiday, or any day.

Septic system maintenance is an easy way to prevent major septic system problems. We worry about your septic system so that you do not have to. For more information about our septic system inspection and maintenance services, give our team at Custom Septic a call today at 763-218-4769.