Designing and Installing Septic Mound Systems

Advanced Septic System Technology in Becker MNIf you live or work in a rural Minnesota town or one of the outer suburban areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN then you may be familiar with Septic Systems. A Mound System is one type of an Alternative Septic System that is commonly installed when an at-grade or in-ground sewage treatment system would not be able to meet health code requirements. One of the Benefits of Mound Systems it utilizes alternative sewer treatment technology to do a great job of removing contaminants on properties where the Site or Soil Conditions would not otherwise allow. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Licensed and Certified Septic Contractor with lots of experience in Designing and Installing Septic Mounds for customers in Big Lake, Becker, Monticello, Ramsey and Ham Lake MN among others.


Comprehensive Site Evaluation

Before you begin to construct a new septic system on your property you will need to be familiar with health code regulations for Sewage Treatment Systems in the State of Minnesota. Individual towns and counties also have set rules that apply to how, what and where septic systems must operate. A Comprehensive Site Evaluation has to take place in order to choose the appropriate type of Individual Sewage Treatment System for each individual home, business or property. You may call CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to schedule a site inspection and soil analysis before choosing the septic system for your land.


Alternative Sewer System Technology

You may not think of sewage treatment as a thing of beauty and, you would be right. However, the technology involved in Designing, Building and Installing an Alternative Sewer System is kind of fascinating. Constructing a Septic Mound requires an understanding of how the sewage is collected and treated through a Biological Filtration System. Sand, soil, bacteria and technology all play a significant role in making sure that the water you drink and ground that your family comes in contact with is not contaminated.


Advanced Sewage Treatment System

Mound Septic Systems were first developed in the 1940s in North Dakota. Since that time modifications have been made in order to provide advanced and effective sewage treatment in situations in which a conventional septic system can’t be used. A Mound System consists of three main components; Pretreatment Unit, Dosing Chamber and an Elevated Mound.

Septic Mounds use a pressurized dosing system that discharges partially treated septic tank effluent through a hill that is constructed out of sand, soil and aggregate. As the liquid percolates or filters through the elevated mound it is Biologically Sanitized by bacteria that lives in the soil.


Licensed & Certified MN Septic Contractor

As a Licensed and Certified Minnesota Septic Contractor, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has the training, experience and equipment to create an effective sewage treatment facility right on your property. Call us if you need an Alternative Sewer System Designed or Installed for your home or business.

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