Licensed Septic System InspectorWhenever a septic system inspection is needed, experience and trustworthiness is critical when choosing the right team to handle this job. The state of Minnesota requires that all septic system inspections be completed by a state certified septic system inspector. By choosing to work with our trusted team at Custom Septic, you can be confident that the septic inspection will be handled exceptionally well from start to finish.

Why should you get your septic system inspected, you may be wondering? Well, there are certain situations where a septic system inspection is required. Most frequently, whenever a property is going on the market to be sold, a septic inspection is required. Additionally, if a permit is needed for additional construction on the property, a septic inspection is also required. For existing homeowners, a septic system inspection also occurs when there are concerns that the system itself may not be working properly. No matter the reason, our septic system experts have the experience, knowledge, tools and certifications to handle all of your septic system inspection needs.

Common Reasons For A Septic System Inspection

The point of a septic system inspections is to ensure compliance. Once the septic system inspection has been completed, our staff will provide you with either a Certificate of Compliance or a Notice of Non-Compliance. Assuming you receive a Certificate of Compliance, this is good for three years and provides you with peace of mind that the septic system is meeting the performance standards and is safe and healthy to the environment. If you receive a Notice of Non-Compliance, then you’ll be provided a timeframe for repairs, upgrades or replacement. The good news is that our team can handle any of your repair or replacement needs as well.

Ensuring Septic Compliance

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of septic systems, we can gain a lot of information about your septic system during the inspection process. We will gladly share this information with you to keep you aware of the overall condition of your system. We can advise on how long the existing system may last and can make you aware of any potential red flags to keep your eyes out for. Additionally, we can get you on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to ensure that you maximize the septic system into the future.

If you are in need of a septic system inspection in Minnesota, there is no better team that you can trust with this important job than our professionals at Custom Septic. To schedule your septic system inspection or to learn more about our septic services, give us a call today at (763) 218-4769 or email