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How Do Septic Systems Work? Corcoran MNThe planet earth has just so much Clean Water to go around. It is important that we all do our part to clean up waste water before it recycles back into the environment. Modern Septic Systems can do a wonderful job of Protecting Human Health and the Environment by providing a Safe and Effective way to Recycle Wastewater. If a septic system is properly Designed, Constructed, Installed, Operated and Maintained it can provide better sewage treatment than even a Municipal Sewer System. The key is to find the best Minnesota Septic Contractor for the job. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) provides honest, Quality Septic Services to the Corcoran and Hanover MN area.


Municipal Sewer System vs Individual Septic System

Knowing whether your home uses a Municipal Sewer System or Individual Septic System may not be very obvious. Below are some ways to know if a city treatment plant is responsible for Recycling Liquid Waste before it is safely returned to the environment.

  1. Do you get a utility bill with a charge for a Sanitary Sewer System?
  2. Do you have manhole covers along your local street?
  3. Do your neighbors have their own Septic System?


3 Main Components of Septic System

The way in which an Individual Onsite Septic System protects human health and the environment starts with your indoor plumbing system and ends with a biological process taking place within the soil treatment area.

All though there are numerous different types of Onsite Individual Septic Systems that are currently being used in Corcoran and Hanover MN, it comes down to 3 main components.

  1. Household Plumbing for collection and funneling of wastewater and human waste – sending it on to the septic tank
  1. Septic Tank for holding and separation of sewage components (solids, liquids and scum layer). Biological treatment begins with naturally occurring bacteria that lives within the tank. Liquid effluent is allowed to leave the tank and travel on the the soil treatment area for further cleansing and purification.
  1. Soil Treatment Area for treatment and recycling of liquid waste. Live bacteria found in the soil, do a good job of eliminating harmful pathogens, viruses, nitrogen and phosphorus. Some wastewater is recycled through the growth of grass and trees, while some of the liquid travels downward where it eventually winds up in the groundwater supply.


MN Septic Contractor

As a highly respected Minnesota Septic Contractor with MPCA Certification, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) understands the ins and outs of the sewage business. You could say that with all of our knowledge and experience, we are #1 in the #2 Business. If you are in the Hanover/ Corcoran MN area and would like help with your current or future Individual On-site Septic System, don’t hesitate to call Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). Together we can Protect Human Health and the MN Environment.

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