Do I Have A Septic System Problem?There is no good time for you to experience a problem with your septic system, but if there is a worst time, it would have to be during the holidays or any other time when you expect to have people over to visit and celebrate. Like many things in life, such as our personal health, problems can sneak up on us and form gradually. That is true of septic system problems too. Custom Septic can help you avoid septic system problems by reminding you of the signs of an impending problem. We have, as they say, a nose for these things. Give us a call today to schedule a time for us to come to your home and check your septic system out. Catching issues before they become obvious is a way better ending.

Signs You Might Have A Septic System Problem

You probably have a nose for septic system issues too. But if your specific septic system issue is in its early stages, has built up so gradually that you grow used to the slight increases in sewage odors, or if the issue is outside of your home, you may not be able to smell it. A septic system issue in its early stages may or may not be easy to spot. It could be something as subtle as an imbalance in the bacteria level in your septic tank. This is certainly a problem to avoid, but it is not a problem that can be easily diagnosed by the vast majority of homeowners. If you or a family member has been flushing bleach, enzymes, or other chemicals that are toxic to the bacteria in your septic system that are essential to proper septic system balance, your system is likely to develop problems.

The smell of such a problem usually provides an indication that help will be needed to fix the issue. If you are attuned to the potential problems with septic systems, you may notice at first a very faint smell of sewage coming up from drains. If you do, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible so that we can, at a minimum, prevent a small problem from getting worse.

Septic System Repair In Minnesota

Though most issues with septic systems do manifest in foul odors, not all of them do. If your septic system develops a leak, you may smell the unmistakable odor when you are outside. But outside smells are difficult to pin down. It is more likely that you would notice damp or even saturated spots on your lawn near the septic tank. You may also notice areas where the grass is thicker and greener than the rest of your lawn. These are sure signs that something needs to be addressed, and Custom Septic is the company for the job. Call us at 763-218-4769 to schedule an appointment.