Common Signs of Septic System ProblemsThe septic system is one of the many aspects of owning a home that most homeowners do not want to even think about. However, the reality of home ownership is that not many aspects of your property can be taken for granted. All of a sudden, you may find that you have a problem and need professional assistance. For decades now, Custom Septic, Inc., has helped homeowners regain a sense of security about their septic systems. We believe that it is important for you to know the signs of septic system failure. If you do, the problems that develop as a result can be minimized or even avoided.

Common Septic System Problems

A good septic system is one based on containment, which begins at your house and ends at your drain field. In between, there are numerous places where leaks and other problems that can result in leaks develop. Many of the signs are obvious, but some are subtle. The most common signs of septic problems are included below:

Pooling water on your property. If your yard has drainage problems, pooling water may not necessarily be due to a septic issue. But if the standing water is along the line of your septic system and it has even a faint smell of sewage, you may have discovered an early sign of system failure.
A bad smell emanating from pipes. If you smell sewage, even faintly, coming from your bathroom or even your kitchen sink, it could indicate that there is a clog in the system, and clogs can cause pipes to fail.
If there is a clog in your system, that smell of sewage may also be accompanied by slow drainage and flushing. It could even result in sewage backing up into your home.
If your well water fails a test, it could be related to a septic system leak.
Greener grass over your septic system, or areas where weeds and algae are growing in greater concentration, could also indicate a problem.
● If you or a family member is suffering from more frequent or hard to explain intestinal issues, the cause could be from bacteria getting into your home’s clean water system.

Importance of Regular Septic System Maintenance

Regular system maintenance is recommended. We can provide that maintenance and help you avoid major problems with your septic system. We can also help you recognize the signs of trouble with your septic system so that a small problem has a much lower chance of becoming a major problem. If you have discovered an issue or simply have a question, call us at 763-218-4769 for assistance.